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Yaxley Mountain Railway. 10' x 4' Table Layout.

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Hello Everyone.


I have read many interesting things about layouts on this forum, and have thought it about time i shared my story.


I Started working on the railway in December 2008 laying the track and building the incline intended to be entering a mountain.


This is how it started....







More to follow soon....

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As you can see here, There is quite a leap from the First Photos in January 2009 to January 2010. Reasons for this are because i never thought of documenting my steps.


As you can see in these 2 photos, i have textured a small amount of the Operators side of the layout. with Grass, Sheds, Tree's and other scenics. A New Signal box aquired.

the addition of a new diesel yard is also noticeable but with 2 sets of Hornby points and with no terrain applied. Points near the signal box have also not had the ballast treatment.






In these next 2 photos you will also spot the addition of a Mountain, New Station with Footbridge, Waiting Room & Water Tower. Also a new Goods shed is just visiable.







More development to follow soon.


Nathan Merryweather

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Yet another big leap from January 2010 to January 2011....

you will notice in this picture that afew trees have been added (seen in this pic by the signal box) and Buses placed all the way up the incline along the station fence.



In this next picture you will notice that the Diesel Depot layout has been changed so it now uses a peco 3-Way as apposed to 2 sets of Hornby standard points. Also to add there is also now some terrain texture here in the form of "real soil" from my back garden just visiabel. personally i think it looks great, others may differ. There has finally been the addition of a shed to accomodate the diesels, with bushes added around the perimeter for added realism (and to hide the gaps under the shed walls)



In the final picture you will see that benches and lamp posts are now in situe on the platform and another tree added by the building & head-shunt.



Lately i have been using TESCO Hair spray and Scenic Cement to fix my textures to the layout once i have sprinkled it liberally on top of the PVA Coated MDF Base. I find it to have worked rather well so far. my only problem has been my skill at ballasting points, however with practice makes perfection.

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On the 25th Jan 2011 i decided to do away with the horrible plank of wood at the back of the diesel depot as can be see in the last post.

In the place of this plank is now an extension to the layout. it now stretches back to the wall and round the side of the shed.

This will accomodate a high-steet and a villiage green.

Here are some pictures.







Here is the under-side of the layout for those of you who wish to see how i managed to do it. Not the most professional job i must say, but then again it's my layout and i'll bodge it if i want to, as long as its quick and looks good! Haha!



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Hello All.

Reccently, in addition to the Extension i have started work on some light scenics on it.


You will first of all notice that i have crudely painted a (Temporary) Road, until funds permit to lay a permenant one.



In these Next two imiages you will see that i have layed some Grass (SkaleScenics) From the Hornby Range as well as 3 Trees,

It is intended in the near future to Turn this Area into a Beer Garden of a Pub.





I pasted PVA glue on the boards, then sprinkled the Grass over & used the last of my scenic cement and some hairspray.


In My next post i will attatch some files of my Locomotive Fleet if you all would like, as I have afew Custom Finish Locos.

I will also include my antics with convert to DCC using the Bachmann Dynamis.

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Today saw the Installation of a Diesel Fuel point to the layout in what until now has been informally known as the Diesel Depot.

With the Arrival of The Class 08 & the 108 DMU, this has lead to Storage issues, meaning this area of the layout will now become the OFFICIAL Diesel Depot as shown in the following pictures.


The Diesel Fuel point was easy to install. And for those who are wondering it is a Bachmann Scenecraft model (i have no time or patience for Kits)

I Cleared the area between the two tracks with a chisel as it had uneven grass and earth on it.

I then cut a piece of cardboard out to the exact size as the base of the Fuel Point and glued this down. I did this to Bring it up to height for clearance of locomotives under the canopy.

Once the glue set, i then applied glue to the base of the fuel point and fixed it to the card board. These are the results.










Starting to look alot like a 1960's Diesel MPD now eh?

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  • 10 months later...

Wow, been almoast a Year since i last updated you all, this is due to work commitments through A-Level and into the world of Real work.

Nothing has been done in the months missed until now, in the past Week, the Scenics have been worked on at a teriffic pace!

The Layout extension added in the last post has finally had Scenery, added in the form of a Large retaining wall to act as a back drop as kindly donated from User on here "Deltic55" owner of the Peterborough & Yaxley Diesel Goods Yard oo dcc layout upon the dismantle project.

Second to this a church and Graveyard has been set up using the TMC Limited Edition "Goathland St. Mary's Church" by Bachmann, and Gravestones from the Skaledale range by Hornby.

Self adheasive road by Gaugemaster has also been applied to eliminate the crude painting, and paving slabs by Metclafe.



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Today Has seen further progression on Scenics,

The mountain is now 30% Sceniced with Grass by Gaugemaster & Woodland Scenics applied using PVA Glue & Scenic Cement (By Woodland Scenics) Hairspray has been abandoned as it blasted nicely laid grass everywhere!

Bushes and Trees have also been added to give it a real natural feel now, Trees are by Mostly, SceneScapes using some Gaugemaster ones on flat surfaces.

Bushes are by Gaugemaster also under the name of "green Lichen"







As mentioned in my post on the 15th February 2011.... The beer garden for the pub, it now has a pub on site which is the "Birch Hall Inn" of Beck Hole which is another TMC Limited edition by Bachmann. The Figurines are by Noch and there is a grounded coach body in the garden which is an old Hornby GWR 4 Wheeler from my first layout when i was 6 or 7 years old and of no use to me now.





In the background you will also see a bus pulling out of a bus depot of which are both out of the Hornby "Skaledale" Range, and A Car Garage/Fuel Station which is my 3rd and last of the TMC Limited Editions of which this is "Scrips' Garage" in Gothland which featured as this name in the ITV Heartbeat series when the villiage is called Aidensfield.

Trees are by Gaugemaster and grass from Hornby's SkaleScenics range.

Edited by NSMerryweather4771
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"Scrips' Garage" in Gothland


I hear Bachmann are releasing packs of figures in long leather trenchcoats with extremely pale faces and eye liner in their 2012 range.

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I love your 73050, I put the nameplates on mine, did you not bother?


No, because although I Work on the Nene Valley Railway with this engine and that's how i've always known it (with Nameplates & E/Emblem) I have my layout based in the Late 1950's/Early 1960's & 73050 was an un-named engine at that time. The tender is currently off site at my layout's "Allocated locomotive Workshop" having the E/Emblem Changed to a Late Crest.

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For those of you who are interested, for such a small layout with limited Storage space for locomotives and stock here is a fleet list for you all of which are Hornby or Bachmann Models, during my Layout's "Modernisation Plan of 2009/10" all Tri-Ang, Lima & Hornby Railways/Railroad were replaced by Newer Higher Detail models.



Pepperorn A2 No.60532 "Blue Peter"



Thompson B1 No.61379 "Mayflower"





Fairburn Tank No.42691



Fowler 7F No.53810 (DCC SOUND)



Ivatt 2MT No.46521





Collett 4575 Prairie No.5552



Collett 8750 Pannier No.9753





Bullied Battle of Britain No.34067 "Tangmere"





Standard 5MT No.73050



Class 31 No.D5512 (DCC SOUND)



Class 55 No.D9009 "Alycidon"



Class 42 No.D809 "Champion"



Class 08 No.13238



Class 108 Nos.E50644, E50622, E59388



Class 24 No.D5100 (DCC SOUND)



The only other Locomotives I hope to take on in the near future are a DCC Sound M7 from Olivia's Trains.

Any comments on my Locmotives are welcome and and questions also. dont be afraid to ask.

as some of you may have noticed there are afew custom finish locomotives in my collection and no, NONE of them are from or by TMC as they are just too expensive for the work being done.


Layout updates soon....

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Could I have a track plan please?

Also could I have an ariel view (well as close as you can get) of the layout.

Many Thanks

Daniel Broome


Unfortunatly there are no track plans existing as things have changed as requirements needed. the closest you can get is the signalling diagram on the control desk, and aerial Views are restricated by the mountain as 1/3 of it is in tunnels however i will see what can be done when i'm free and not at work.

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Unfortunately due to a house move in December 2013 this layout has been reduced to scrap timber.


ALTHOUGH, This week i have started building a new, larger layout so keep your eyes open for updates on my new project.


looking forward to it!

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