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Looking for some white lettering transfers for a PO wagon, what's everyones opinion on what's best to use? - I'm doing a 5 plank wagon for Summat Colliery and want a nice big SUMMAT on the side with some smaller numbers etc. It will be weathered down as per the article in issue 6 of Hornby Mag so they also need to be fairly easy to remove/distress ....

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I use the various HMRS sheets; they also do one with appropriate text ('Return to..', 'Tare', 'Colliery' etc). This was done using them (not at home at the moment so can't tell you what sheets I used).




I have some more to do for our fictitious coal merchant on the same layout.

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For my N gauge pre-grouping wagon liveries, I tend just to use Letraset 16 point for the main company letters. Hold them in place with a little sellotape, rub down, then go back and touch in any main livery colour lifted off when removing the sellotape. Finish off with a top coat of matt varnish and you're done.

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