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Starting a model railway club.

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HI all


My name is Darren, and I live just outside Torrington, Devon.


Having looked around to see if their where any clubs in the local area, and not finding one, I am calling on all model railway fans, any gauge.


I am looking around to see if there would be enough people that would be interested in starting a club?


The club would be based somewhere near Torrington, and I am looking at doing it at the weekend, during the afternoon, to early evening.


So if any of you are out their, you can Pm me with your interest.


Hope to hear from you.


All the very best




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When I started the Chelmsford club in the late 1970's, I advertised in all the model railway mags of the time, got a few replies, then about a dozen interested persons turned up at the first meeting in a carpet shop, near Asda's in Springfield, one of those dozen was a certain , what was later to become a renowned model railway retailer in that area, John Dutfield, and the rest, as they say, was history. One of the best things to happen to that club was a certain Ken Wilkinson, but you know what they say about familiarity.

But the best of luck Darren, hope you have every success.

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