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Eastwood Town - A tribute to Gordon's modelling.

gordon s

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It’s around somewhere, Baz. The Standard 4 you did the pick ups for is here, so I know it’s around. Truth is I thought I had two and it wasn’t until I saw the original receipt did I realise there were three......;)

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When I had to catalogue all of my railway stock herself helped...it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be....but I still have the odd scar!



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Hey Gordon:


Your cataloguing activities brought to mind the story of Marsden Williams of Wollongong, Australia. The gentleman died in 2013, so slightly old news that you and your followers may already be aware of, in which case I apologise. His catalogue ran to 20,000+ items.  Plus a custom building called the T-house to house it all, plus maintenance staff.








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Mr Williams died on 2013. Obituaries were still being published in 2017.
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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, gordon s said:

My wife will kill me if she reads this....

And how often do you think you give her cause to have to check up on your little hobby? :read: 

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On 06/04/2021 at 14:27, gordon s said:

Afternoon all.....


Had my Covid test this morning, so now all set....;)


Just to show life isn't all beer and skittles and large Pacific loco's, here are a few of the more mundane loco's and coaches I grew up with in North London. N2's and L1's were a way of life to a young trainspotter, consequently they had to be included one way or the other. Rule 1 was specifically designed for this eventuality and you'll see why.


Late 50's and Palmers Green was well served by N2's and Quad Arts, mostly double sets for the rush hour trip to KX for all the city workers. Trains were packed and every compartment had its share of smokers. Pipes and cigarettes in those days....No wonder passive smoking became an issue years later.


Hornby introduced a new N2 in the early 2000's (my receipt is dated 2003) and Graham converted three of them for me with Comet chassis, DS10 motors, flywheel and gearboxes along with new wheels. Managed to find two this morning, so the third must be around somewhere.


The four coach Quad set was from Marc Models and is cleverly articulated with press studs. 


I guess they would have disappeared by the early 60's. 69522 was based at Hornsey, so Rule 1 will have to apply when it appears on ET suburban traffic.






I seem to have a wonky toplight. Photography certainly pulls up the things you don't normally see.



I do love an N2 and quad art. Such a distinctive feature of the GN suburban services. Yours look lovely, certainly a cut above my Kirk set, but I'm still very fond of that. I think the quad arts only ever ran as 8 car sets so you really need another four cars when you can put the locoholic tendencies on hold!




The next N2 is 69506 from KX, so I probably was pulled by both of them many years ago.







Here it is with three LNER 51' coaches from Kirk Kits. Bogies are from Comet and MJT supplied under frame components. Here I'll plead ignorance as I knew little about these coaches at the time (2003) in terms of where they ran and what time period. I'm guessing from the panelling etc they were a Gresley design, so please feel free to fill in the history.


These are indeed a standard Gresley LNER design. They are the same diagrams as the ones  released by Hornby a few years ago. The single 51ft non corridor coaches were mainly allocated to the GE and NB sections. There were few if any on GN services although the articulated pairs ran on the GN.


Good luck with the op.



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Pressed reply half way through!
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Posted (edited)

Thanks Andy. Sadly Marc Models have now ceased trading, so the chances of getting another Quad Art set is zero unless some pop up on the 2nd hand market. I couldn’t recall seeing the 51’ coaches around KX, yet they were familiar, so probably saw them at Liverpool Street.


Spent the morning packing up around 40 loco’s that were spread around ET. It was fun playing trains, but in some respects it stopped any progress as I didn’t want to lift up track sections to fit the new crossovers and double slip. Now they are packed away, I will get stuck into rebuilding the main stairwell board and then drop in the additional turnouts. Probably a month or two away as lifting anything will be off limits until everything heals up.


Onward and upward...

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Lots of positive thoughts for you today, Gordon.


Look forward to seeing you back here, and on the road to recovery post-op.


Very best wishes from Perth (the other one!)



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