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Eastwood Town - A tribute to Gordon's modelling.

gordon s

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Sorry to have only just caught up with this thread. Last I had heard, was that Gordon was unwell.
So sorry to have heard of his sad passing. It's always such a shame to lose someone who many may never have even met - yet their modelling and words of wisdom will leave a mark on so many.


RIP Gordon, and condolences to his friends & family

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Only just picked up on this thread today and am finding all this rather hard to believe - some years ago I was in fairly regular contact with Gordon and he even built me a set of baseboards (beautifully, of course) which sadly never got used due to a house move. We would meet very now and then at exhibitions and he was always the same - warm, friendly and with a very firm handshake!

I have a Bachmann Evening Star which I bought from him back in the day - that’s one loco which will never be sold on. I’ll think of Gordon next time I try to replicate the Pines Express on my little layout.

RIP Gordon, one of the good guys - my sincerest condolences to his family.

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