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Old Farish diamond frame/archbar trucks

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I'm trying to find something I can use as an archbar truck in TT (1:120) narrow gauge. About 5' wheelbase, give or take a half mm or so.


One option is the old Farish N diamond frame bogies (as on the sulphate wagon etc) but I cannot recall what wheelbase they are. If anyone who has a pair of them and some calipers could please tell me what the measurement is between axle centres on these bogies (in mm), I'd be very grateful.





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Yes, I am, and they look sensational, but I need something 5' in TT. So 6' wheelbase in 1:148 would be better, but I am told that's an unusual size for a British archbar bogie.


Sometimes you can be lucky with overscale N stuff, but from what I can see of proprietary N bogies, they are more likely to be too small rather than too big.


I've ordered a pair of the Farish ones to play around with. I recall them being rather bulky so being under length may not matter.



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