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Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows if Its N Gauge are still trading?


I've had a loco with them for a repaint since 13th January - it isn't urgent and having been a customer of both Heritage N and now Its N Gauge, I've been happy to wait for the usual excellent results. I have contacted them in March and April for updates but they haven't replied since 13th March. I have left it a couple of weeks since my last email (around 13th April) but having had no reply am now a bit concerned.


I also note that their eBay account now has numerous negative feedback entries and that in an old thread in eBay Topics there has been talk of problems with them trading. I seem to remember Carl is now running a pub which I'm sure is a busy job - I would just like to have an update and an expected delivery date, or my loco and a partial refund.


Does anyone have any up to date info?


Thanks all



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12 weeks for a repaint seems quite fair, if you were not provided with an approximate completion date

When I sent OO gauge models for repainting, the agent I used aimed for 8 weeks, but the more complicated ones were nearer 12 weeks typically due to waiting nameplates, transfers, etc

For DCC conversions I allow 6 weeks


I am still on their email newsletter list

One thing that concerns me is how inconsistent their service seems to be, with changes of address, changes of range, change of product, change of services

More recently I have noted complaints and less than positive (as we are not permitted to call it negative) feedback on their eBay UK profile as well as vast reduction in the products offered


It is never a good idea to mix employment and a hobby that provides an income, as one has to take priority

If you do, then make it VERY clear to those customers

Equally, if the customer does place an order then it should be completed in a timely manner, and if this is likely to fail then the customer should be informed


I suggest you contact :



Finally, I would personally not use such a company as there are discrepancies between the Domain Name, name in the emails, and claiming not to be trading as per the WHOIS entry for that Domain Name

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He has one of my locomotives for repainting, too, as I've been trying to farm out some of my backlog of projects in the hope that I might eventually get through them ("Cheque-book modelling"? Maybe. So what?)


From my reading of the situation, he is a skilled craftsman who takes pride in his product, and will not send out a second-rate product. He will also do what he has said he will do.


The last contact I had from him, he said that he was not going to take on any further work, and that he was going to work through his backlog as time allows. But he does not have that much time, as the pub keeps him very busy.


I'm in no hurry to get my locomotive back, and I'm happy to wait. I trust him.


I think what we need to remember here is that the prices most of us are willing (or able) to pay for a service such as this are not sufficient to enable it to be a full-time paying job to offer such a service. The full-time professionals make their money in the larger scales where people are prepared to pay a LOT of money for their repaints. If we were prepared to pay £750 a pop for N gauge repaints, then maybe we could have a full-time professional too. But I doubt many of us could afford to go there. So we must accept that the few guys who are prepared to offer this service for prices we can afford are doing it as a sideline, with all that that entails.


Again, and speaking personally, I'd far rather, that the guys who offer useful things to us as a sideline (and this includes people like Ray at BHE as well as Carl at It's N Gauge) continue to do so on their terms than give up altogether. So I, for one, am prepared to cut them as much slack as they need.

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The full-time professionals make their money in the larger scales where people are prepared to pay a LOT of money for their repaints. If we were prepared to pay £750 a pop for N gauge repaints, then maybe we could have a full-time professional too

I agree that £750 will get you a CJM model, but that is at the extreme end of the scale, but sadly repaints are not offered


As far as I am aware there are at least three other professionals offering repainting only

Several people were around in the last 10 to 15 years, offering repaints at rather low prices but seemed to have disappeared since



Mercig repaint starts at £160 (even without weathering)

I have one, acquired second hand, and that is enough

Millfield Models, previously quoted at £110 (as no weathering was required)

Moreayes, previously quoted at £45 (although some recent reviews suggest customers disappointed with quality of finish)


If anyone knows of any others offering repainting please advise

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No, Mercig repaints do not start at anything like £160.... all information is on the 'commissions' area of the website.

That is how it is compiled on the Commissions page


Starts off with Weathering, required for a repaint, at £110

Respray is £40

This brings a total of £150


Your previous quote to me for a respray in Triple Grey was £170

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The previous two postings referring to speculation have been removed.


It appears that Carl Peplow has been injured at work which is affecting the ability to deliver at the present time. When any more information is available an update will be given.



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  • 3 weeks later...

The previous statement I gave was based on information provided in good faith to me by several members who had been given the information.


Unfortunately it appears that the information given to those members was untrue as the following has been reported in the Kilmarnock Standard - http://www.kilmarnockstandard.co.uk/2011/05/13/child-porn-pervert-worked-in-pub-81430-28674588/


For obvious reasons the topic will remain locked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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