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15 hours ago, Enterprisingwestern said:



No need to get uppity Paul, I'm only asking if the OO version is more relevant to the current discussion.

Apologies if it was phrased badly, that's the joy of the printed word.



OF course there is. We were discussing a 4mm model that wasn't identified. I photographed a 4mm model which appears identical in all respects but still has the original frame. And I believe it is a Graham Farish one. If you look at their adverts from the 1950s you will see photos of them. The original poster was comparing the model with the Bachmann 4mm model wasn't he? I still have no understanding of what your comment was about. 



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1 hour ago, Metr0Land said:

Scottish Chopper

Larbert. The second van is one of the Palvans built for the MoD, I believe. 




37278 Pentrepoeth

Pentreporth (Cynheidre branch) These trains had a number of stops to pin and unpin brakes, so were allowed several hours for a journey of perhaps 10 miles. I saw at least three runaways where guard or driver misjudged the number of brakes to pin down. Fortunately, none ran on to the main-line, though one ended up in the sand drag at Old Castle Crossing.










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19 minutes ago, Axlebox said:

Nice line up across the back...and a slope sider hiding round the back...


Nice application of the stripe on the Ex MoT 16 tonner. 


So; Should I redo my stripe???



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34 minutes ago, Gibbo675 said:

Seventeen Shades of Grey ?


Could well exceed the fifty if I pulled out some other manufacturers grey enamels and that's before I even think about the acrylics & cellulose.




Still wouldn't be anywhere near sorting this little lot out.


2294725208_10b77c5eda_b.jpgR0372 - Wakefield Kirkgate by Bill Wright, on Flickr



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1 hour ago, Porcy Mane said:

Still wouldn't be anywhere near sorting this little lot out.


I like independent braked one 6th from front. Looks like a completely different grey on the centre third of it!



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7 minutes ago, jwealleans said:

They were built as 20T, but weren't minerals raised in capacity by 10% during the war?

I thought 20-tonners were uprated to 21 tons, then becoming 21.5 tonnes with metrication. Mind you, when I had to go through hundreds of weighbridge tickets, I never saw anything that was loaded according to the painted mark.....

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