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Swindelton SP- O gauge in a small space!

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Thanks Dave and Pete.


They are wiper arcs on the car windscreen, but unfortunately I can not claim any credit for the car- It is a 'Vanguards hidden treasure' (Corgi classic). I got it from Hamleys in London once upon a time, as I liked the model. It was living in its box in a cupboard, but It now has somewhere to live!


Spent last night creating a boundary fence (from real wood!) for the back of the model, and a storage tank of some sort (possible lubricating oil tank). Both are not completed, but hopefully I will get some more work done today.



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A little update.............


Completed 10'' of wooden fence to go along the back of the model. Its constructed of several different wooden strips, which I aquired, and will be weathered to help blend them all together. The different colours give an indication of repair I hope. I was originally going to build it out of evergreen strip, but it simply did not look right.


The most expense in completing this was time!! Some of this was spent splitting square section 4x4mm lengths to get the triangle cross members!






Just got to plant it on the model, but another job boxed off!


Back to work tomorrow.



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Work has really dominated my life this last week. A work trip to Dublin next week is also going to put the pressure on, to do anything that I planned with this project!


This is another small up date.................


Nearly completed my storage tank (still needs a bit of further detailing). Not sure what it is storing, but they appear at numerous depots! The brick foundations are 6mm ply with embossed brickwork. The tank was constructed with evergreen sheet.




The fence was also planted, but I have yet to weather it. The main aim of the fence and tank, is to be a view blocker and an aid to framing shots.




Finally, I also created a lighting switch panel for the shed and painted a few Skytrex oil drums, which I've had sitting in a draw for sometime. Being a bit ignorant, but what do all the different colours mean, if anything?? I have also finally found a colour I am happy with for the shed cladding, so hopefully this can now be stuck on in the near future.




Hopefully I can do some more work on this tomorrow, but I am home alone with two kids and have a few work related reports to type :O


Happy days!



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Thanks for the positive comments Peter, bcnPete & Giles.


The Marina seems to generate positive comments- do people have fond memories??


I always thought that O gauge was expensive, but it's not really, as I only spend my hard earned money on what I might actually need and use! So if anyone has any reservations- don't.


Had a minor disaster earlier in the day. Whilst installing one of the glazing units in the shed, some super glue found its way on to the clear plastic!!! Anyone have any ideas how to remove the resulting stain, if at all, or do I just cut a bit of new plastic?


Still a bit to do!


Looking forward to a 2am start and a trip to Dublin tomorrow- NOT.



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Only just got through a working week from hell, so I've not done as much as I would have liked.


Created the shed ventilation in the apex of the roof using strips of evergreen channel. It still needs painting but this unit, just like the glazing, is removable to allow work at a later date.


I've started fixing the roof and wall cladding and hopefully this should be finished later tonight.


Whilst the weather was good, I thought I would take a photo of the progress made.




Hopefully I might have time to include some lighting within the shed, but not much time left.



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Thanks TimC.


Here is an update of the shed progress.




All the cladding is in place. I've noticed that the clading on the door frames does not match those on the side, but not sure this really matters!


Spent the afternoon creating the guttering and down pipe. I've only done one side, as I am thinking I might not have time to do the other, but at least that side will not be on show!



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I have done as much as I can prior to the deadline. I've not actually demonstrated the dimensions, so here are the obligatory photos...........








And an overall shot of what you are supposed to see




I took some photos earlier in the day under natural light. Here are a sample..........


My 08 in its new home



A visitor from DJH on shed! Looks a bit ex works but I've owned it since DJH first produced the 03.



Both shunters at rest.



Hope these are of interest.


I've not had the time to make the skytrex TTA presentable, so still things to keep me occupied after the competition is over!



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Before I call it a night, here are a few more photos from earlier in the day.




More experimentation with black and white



A view into the shed



Low level shot of the 08



More black and white



Theres that Marina again!



All the pictures were taken on a Nikon coolpix, partly because the lens on my Nikon D80 just refuses to take close up shots!


All the best



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Thanks for the kind comments Pete. I am hoping to continue to improve the model and my photographic skills.


There are a number of entries which all demonstrate high and impressive standards, particularly some of the 2FS entries.


Ultimately it has been very enjoyable taking part in this challenge.

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Thanks for the recent kind comments Stewart and d600.


I had been hoping to do some more work and detailing on this, but as yet, I don't seem to have the time- daily life (Work!) seems to get in the way all too often.


However, when I do any additional work, I will share it on here.


All the best



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Thanks for the recent comments JeffP and Ian.


Since the voting has been done, and my work life is slowing down for Christmas, I've found some time to start thinking about other details.


At the recent Reading show I came across omen-miniatures, so obtained a couple of figures which may bring some life to the diorama. However, one looks like a young Jeremy Clarkson and the other looks as if his barber is an Elvis fan! Not too sure where they will be placed, as they could inadvertently spoil any illusion of reality............. will have to think about this.


Picked up a few other smaller details from Peter Clark Models including a Brute trolley and storage bins, both of which are in the process of being built. The former might end up being dumped or used as a mobile store. I have not had the soldering ions etc out for a long time and I've lost my asbestos fingers- small bits of brass heat up very quickly!




I still want to install a suitable yard lamp, so will have to either make it myself or hopefully find a suitable kit, but I have some lighting lined up for the office and shed.



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Great job! I've found this thread really inspiring.


I've been researching Kings Lynn stabling point in the late eighties with a view to building an O guage layout. I'm strugling to find any detail pictures of the plant rooms behind the shed and the fuelling equipment.


I'm still trying to pluck up courage to take an airbrush to a Heljan 47 to repaint in Network South East Livery, as 47576.


Really enjoyed seeing this progress. Please keep posting your updates!




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