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Calcutta sidings 2 and universal fiddle yard first test

Guest jim s-w

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The corrugated sheet clad building is very good. How did you produce the fixing bolt heads on the sheets?


Unless I'm very much mistaken, it is build using Wills corrugated sheets which have the bolt heads molded on already, I've used them to build a couple of sheds on my current layout.



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I saw Calcutta Sidings 2 for the first time on Saturday, and have to say what a cracking layout! The time period, stock and location tick all the boxes for me. Mr Tim Horn's buildings really do look superb and it was great to see them all in the flesh, especially the brick bridge.


I really did enjoy the variety of stock, but seeing a pair of choppers on HAAs and also a pair of Thornaby 37/5s on BBAs running passed, well, lovely! I didn't see the Grid running which was a shame........


Looking forward to seeing it again in the future.

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Being catching up upon this thread, after reading the Rail Express Modellers article on how Phil Eames created a couple of 37/7s from Bachmann refurbished 37s. Since created a playlist on You Tube of all the videos I've found, its so enjoyable to just watch. Very consistent modelling so the whole layout gels together nicely. Although the size blows me away! Even if replicated in N gauge it would be longer than my house!  


Like many it ticks all the boxes for me. I can see why I've become more of an armchair modeller, because its so enjoyable watching this layout, which take me back to the rail scene around York in the late 1980s / early 1990s.


Are there any forthcoming exhibition showings?


Would very much like to see this for real  :)

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