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The purpose of the group

Guest jim s-w

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Guest jim s-w

Hi All


The purpose of this group is to invite feedback on your images and models. Have you ever had a model or taken a picture that has all the elements right but for some reason just doesnt quite do it for you? Well thats exactly the sort of thing this group is for. Please do not post images here if you dont want people to give you feedback


Some guides for posting


All images are welcome and you can be general or specific about what you would like comment on. The image as a whole, just a part of the model or the photography. Can all posters please advise what it is exactly they would like feedback on. Any images posted without a specific request are likely to be open to feedback on all elements.

If you are modelling something unusual then some sorrt of prototype reference may be helpfull to members of the group


Some guides for feedback


Where a member posts an image and specifies an area they would like feedback on please restrict comment to that area alone. Please do not feel there is some sort of qualification for being able to comment but at the same time please try to qualify your comments with some sort of evidence - A link to a prototype picture for example.

Please keep all comments constructive, it stands to reason that the postee knows there is something amis with the image or model so they dont need it pointing out again.


Comments like - 'it looks great to me' are not going to help the OP however it might be that the OP has got it right and might not need to change anything. Again a link to a picture that backs this up will be helpful.





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