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Thanks to a link on NGRM On-Line, the following have been announced by Bachmann


14 ton 1890 Stearns-Heisler. DCC fitted with a Soundtraxx Tsunami chip available as a separate item. Due Nov 2011


0-4-0 and 0-4-2 Porters are being introduced again but this time with DCC fitted with or without sound - must be a very small chip :yes: Due Aug 2011


Log Skidder - a static scenic steam winch for logging lines. Due Nov 2011


Bachmann press release here http://www.bachmanntrains.com/2011_NMRA.pdf



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The 14 ton 1890 Stearns-Heisler certainly looks very nice, the price a bit steep with it DCC etc. we shall have to see if the demand exists in the UK to give a more reasonable price.

It seems from other mentions on the net that the mechanism is greatly improved, more robust parts, etc. with detailing to a higher standard than before, which is very good on Bachmann On30 anyway.



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Be interesting to see how well the Heisler sells in the UK generally. I'm sure it will be a stunning model, but will it have the appeal of the Shay or Climax?


After the 4-6-0, I was rather hoping they would maybe go for a 2-6-2 tender Loco, with the chassis maybe being the basis for a 2-6-2T at a later stage, but looks like I've got to wait a little longer for that!


I'm betting Backwood Miniatures are already looking over the pre-production sample of the Heisler planning what they can do to improve it!





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