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James Makin's Workbench - 1990s dirty diesels & grotty wagons

James Makin

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A couple more OBA's for the fleet!


28192901533_4d409bc576_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


Today's subjects include ex-works EWS OBA 110237 and faded ex-'Satlink' OBA 110058.


Both started life as the standard Bachmann 2006 release in EWS livery, but you might be surprised to learn that both have been repainted!


28702849292_a737f875de_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


For the sake of 'balance' I had to model a good EWS example to complement the rake of utterly disgusting OBA's I'm building, and here it is! 


The prototype wagon was 110237, which I'd found exhibited quite a large number of differences to the Bachmann EWS example, so I ended up just repainting the entire thing and starting again! The detail differences include a brighter maroon shade, solid unbroken EWS gold stripe, gold chainwork, taller EWS logo, a full TOPS panel and solebar-mounted data panels.


But the fun didn't end there...following the red theme, I set about creating the ex-'Satlink' 110058...


28702852022_f087bbdf11_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


A collection of faded mixed reds, yellows were added to the planks, along with a cheeky flirt with orange for one set of doors!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's 2002 debut solo album 'Read My Lips' is essential listening for anyone tackling this type of Satlink wagon.


After a bit of work, it ended up looking like this:


28808138485_28803f5be7_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


This was quite a fun one to tackle, amongst the faded reds and yellows is a few sections of replaced planks in grey, EWS maroon and some bare wood. At some point, 110058 has also been involved in some kind of side-swipe or grabber incident, with the second door here being subjected to some deep gouging exposing bare wood and undercoat beneath the red and yellow upper layers. 


28731066541_f478a9a210_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


TOPS panels were again made up in CorelDraw on the PC, added to the model and blended into the weathering. 110058 has yellow-painted ends, but sadly much like the rest of the OBA fleet is losing the battle with rust! This was replicated by the paint-on-wipe-off method using many shades of Humbrol browns applied over a number of days to build up the different rust layers and colourings.


28192903623_603773dc6a_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


And there we go, 9 open wagons down, 7 more to go - until I see some more swapmeet bargains at least!

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How's the HST coming along?


It's not at the moment sadly!! 


I'm patiently waiting for Railtec Transfers to run off some of my home-designed transfers in metallic gold-print but the chap seems to have a lot on producing all these brand new liveries at the moment!


Fingers crossed it'll be sorted soon though, the power cars will be entering the paintshop for their base colours in readiness soon though! :)

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Despite barbeques, touring cars and gorgeous weather making modelling a no-go at the weekends, I've slowly managed to add another couple of OBAs to the fleet, in the form of this dirty maroon pairing!


28523722380_def6c8aace_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


OBA 110106 and OBA 110266 join the lengthening trainload, both being copied from prototype pics swiped from the wonderful archive that is Flickr.


First up is 110106, featuring a hybrid of former BR 'Dutch' colours, mostly overpainted with maroon and red planking.


28702858632_1c974a7411_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


The wagon was stripped of its former Railfreight livery and coated in Halfords primer, before receiving faded yellow stripes across the top of the ends. The sides were coated in a large number of maroons to build up the required effect. The second door in from the left took many coats of varying reds to find the right shade, it is almost verging on garish in real life! Other planks are picked out in bare wood (a combo of greys) and some black replacement planks around the right hand side.


28731072371_ddf63b0353_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


Data panels were printed off the PC along with various handpainted engineering daubings (they might mean something to railwaymen!) and oodles of rust running down from the chains securing the doors. Despite the filth of the rest of the wagon, I love how the door bump strips are picked out in pristine white!


28702861152_3529deb2d7_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


Next up is OBA 110266, another maroon 'EWS' imposter with the freight firm's branding applied over the remnants of BR grey livery on the ends and solebar. 


Individual planks were picked out as per the prototype pics, I quite like the faded black patch-painting, itself becoming a background colour with the passage of time and the OHLE stickers applied over the top. This OBA has the solebar style of data panel printed using a US Army Stencil font of all things, quite a bit different to the usual stencilling!


28731077211_76214aa823_b.jpgOBA wagons by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


And there we go, the train is now lengthened to 11 finished open wagons! I've recently bought another load more, but I've got a few more interesting (very different!) projects coming up over the Summer which are going ahead in the queue!






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Time for something a little different...


28523742720_1d224ee92d_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


A while ago, fellow Worthing MRC Loftus Road gangmember Mark Butcher came to me with some horrendous photographs he'd found online of EWS's 66113 that had befell a graffiti attack during an engineering possession one night in 2011... "how do you fancy modelling this for me?"


28808166775_d928652083_b.jpg66113 inspiration by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr



https://www.flickr.com/photos/jps_train_images/5513137196/in/photolist-8TxPuf-8TxPyS-bzDPur-bzDPEt-a1JpRG-63XNnc-9hMuV5-4t8kuQ-aMRP46-grAbE4-joGmrD-mGSEyZ-mJQ6Bi-gPyjoG-ecys69-kt6j2a-fAgpdR-nGraYR-9pbgBA-hWhn8G-dewmtQ-chKF6b-awi8qj-fAAb5M-mGdYv4-mGfDv7-hP5oYm-gLfjRt-aULdUD-mVHLsw-hjtxYn-dKeqRo-5HJ7Sf-eMaS1K-aiQVF2-8mfkby-cntXB7-fiotT2-9yCoEQ-oecRxM-9Y4iZR-8mc7Na-8DbSms-dLgGWh-fgvF24-f2p5EM-aiCsbM-dddmXx-8XozYf-eMcfwF (image reproduced courtesy of 'JPs Shots' on Flickr, well worth a look)


Using a number of images from several different photographers, I volunteered to completely ruin Mark's shiny clean Bachmann class 66!


Mark only asked me to do the re-number and the graffiti but I decided I'd go the whole hog and match this to ones I've tackled before, so the lifting eyes were drilled out, bufferbeam parts detailed, handrails painted, exhaust silencer weathered, and the whole loco toned-down.


Starting with the numbers, the gold band was completely repainted, varnished and new transfers added from Modelmaster -


28523744620_46d0217a21_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


I used Microscale's Microsol and Microset to get the transfers to sit right in the corrugated sides - big hats off to Modelmaster for such thin (and accurately coloured) transfers compared to the old Fox ones I used to use in the old days - damn impressed with the results here!


28523745880_c322995c5d_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


The exhaust silencer was removed from the loco and painted separately, notice how the metal parts weather differently to each other. The main parts were treated to a cocktail of light browns including Humbrol 62 and 186 and some 32, with a few dollops of talcum powder added to increase texture.  


Next up was the varnishing, using Humbrol's Matt aerosols, and when dry, I started on the graffiti -


28192931503_aa99618b61_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


As with my previous graffiti projects it is all handpainted using 00000 paintbrushes, building up the colour layers from light to dark - the most challenging part here being the scaling of the graffiti from angled photographs of the loco - it has to be 100% accurate so it took ages to scale and make sure each letter was in the correct place on the body, using the numbers and EWS lettering as a known marker.


28192933143_a6f280d16f_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


There's some quite interesting activity that's taken place on the loco during the fateful night it received its new colours... we have smaller tagging on the cabsides and fuel tank, contrasting with the three major 'mural's on the engine room sides and 2nd cabside. Then there's the white marks on the bogie and No2 end grille - I suspect here this was to be a background for another piece of artwork but the surface didn't suit continuing! 


28776504796_cf1a7bb881_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


The No.2 end was obliterated - original Flickr photographs show the entire cab front windows painted over in the morning after, as well as the buffers with 'A' and 'I' - these windows were soon replaced and buffers covered in grime shortly afterwards, when the loco was back in service.


28190711454_5107580c42_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


'CHEESE' and 'AEON' are the two main tags, along with a second 'Cheese' on the cabside and a front end 'Cheez'!


28192939613_090e75679c_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


The front end lashing eyes were drilled out, other 'extras' include painting the handrails and door handles, beyond that this wears the standard much-loved (by me) EWS colour scheme.


28190714004_2a08cedd79_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


With a final varnishing, 66113 is now ready for action on Loftus Road...


28523753890_b3bed586f3_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


28731114761_7d1f7ef7e2_b.jpg66113 by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr


66113's now gone back to Mark and will venture out on Loftus Road, I'm pretty pleased with how the transfers came out so this has spurred me on to take a second look at re-doing my own motley fleet of 66006/008/010/042/076/241, and of course another shiny new EWS 66 that Mark handed over to me last night!




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Nice modelling James.

Probably partly explains why I model 30 years ago with rose tinted glasses, before the rise of the underclass who think this sort of thing is acceptable .


It's not even artistic is it ? At least in places like Spain some of the graffiti is artistic to some extent !

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