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Barkham Green GWR OO Layout

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Wouldn't accept this pic of cleaned coal  wagons last time



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I know what you mean about upgrading...


I have been replacing some older models, or parts of them.


An example would be a tender drive Hornby 9f. I swapped the loco and tender bodies that had extra details added onto a Railroad DC ready loco drive chassis.


The Railroad bodies were then put onto the tender drive chassis and passed on!


I think that, in some cases, it is better to change over to new parts, than modify the old parts to have, say, NEM pockets added to loco pony trucks...


I just need to find some Bachmann 45xx pony trucks with the NEM pockets at the correct height! ;)


The original models have them mounted too high, with stepped tension lock couplings...


No use for fitting Kadees! 

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 Been making more use of Vallejo black grey, in between being busy in the garden.




Sketty Hall black plastic covered over and real coal fitted. Having already fitted loco crew just needs the addition of some loco lamps




Summed up the courage to paint the Hornby corridor stock and in my view they look much better for it.

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Also painted the black plastic roofs of the old Bachmann collets, again a great improvement.

Well that is the last of coaches done, which is just as well as I've run out of black-grey paint, which I think is wonderful stuff by the way. It basically means you don't have to use a spray brush.


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Well winter is on it's way, so back to model railways, after a long absence due to holidays, child minding during the school holidays and of course gardening plus the allotment.


I  decided my first job should be to replace the platform lighting with something more prototypical. These were brought many moons ago and as you can see the plastic has melted with the heat of the lamps



Despite the cost I decided they had to be replaced by ones from Gaugemaster , so biting the bullet , I purchased a pack of 6 to start with and then discovered to my horror they had stopped making the packs of 3, but I managed to find a source and installed 9 the nine I needed. I actually would have liked to install 10 but that would have necessitated buying another pack of 3!





The pack also contains some loose LEDs so I took the opportunity to finish off the station interior lights


The pack of 6 come with 2 wall lights so I decided these would go well in the farm yard




Previously having added a working fireplace



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The Hornby  61xx isn't out until next year so decided to purchase Oxford Dean Goods

I have found it is not a very powerful loco and will only pull about 9 oil wagos plus brake van

Otherwise very happy with it


Just need to add crew and loco lamps

Once it is our of warranty will re-paint hand rails, black plastic and replace coal.


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