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Barkham Green GWR OO Layout

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Thanks for comments

I'm in the process of re-doing the roof of the post office, and have been adding some very fiddly glazing to the shops which is almost finished, then the rest of the roofs can go on, although this is tricky because of the curve of the back scene


The sweet shop has go it's sigh thanks to a colleague in our club.







I see some of the paint work wants touching up


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Exterior of Shops finished except for any paint touch ups and add some weathering


Next job to add lighting and finish interiors







Post box needed for outside of post office and a few signs frm Tiny signs








Just needs some more items for market square



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Took a break from buildings started running trains again.

This is my latest acquisition a Bachmann 5667 crossing with viaduct with some a mix of old and new oil wagons, which eventually will be made up into a longer train, when I find some suitable subjects
I brought two of these wagons a show fro £1.50 ea which is a bargain considering they are Cooper craft!!
Can any one of the experts identify it please, also does anyone know where to get transfers which will be suitable?
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Excellent layout - very atmospheric, - especially with all the lighting. I really like all the detailing and scratchbuilt buildings , must keep an eye on this, wish I had a room this size, I think it's all coming together very well indeed!!




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I brought two of these wagons a show fro £1.50 ea which is a bargain considering they are Cooper craft!!
Can any one of the experts identify it please, also does anyone know where to get transfers which will be suitable?



Not claiming to be an expert on GWR vans, but I've had a look in the GWR wagon bible (Atkins, Beard, Tourret) and on the Coopercraft website.


The Coopercraft vans come in several versions, and I have always been a little confused/doubtful about some of the versions offered. In principle, I think what you have is either of these three:


*Diagram V5 7' internal height, introduced 1902, 325 built.

*Diagram V4, 8' internal height, introduced 1905, 10 tons, 178 built.

*Diagram V4, 7'6" internal height, introduced 1905, 9 tons, 22 built.


The snag is with the louvred vents and sliding shutters shown on your models. Coopercraft offer all three of the above with this variety, but there don't seem to have been many of the V4 and V5s around with that feature. According to the bible, "a few" of the V5s were fitted with louvred vents and sliding shutters "in later days". However, for the V4s it is stated that "it seems they never had shuttered louvres" - although I remember seeing other sources saying that some had them.


So it could be a V5 (if the height fits) or perhaps a V4.

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Spent this afternoon repairing a point.

It was one of the first I ever  fitted and as usual you tend to rush things to get the layout working, these always come back to bite you later!


Any way the problem was with the tortoise point motor not moving the switch blade.


This was the first one I had fitted and I used the stiff wire supplied with the motor to move the blade. All subsequent fits I used thicker  wire, I  had also used sticky pads to hold the point decoder (an NCE Switch it ) on to the side of tortoise and  this had come loose.

So it was time for a complete refit and as usual the point was in a very awkward place!

Wll it had now been done, with stiffer wire and the decoder fitted on the surface of the fiddle yard and re-wired

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I have only come across this layout now, thanks to the posts this month having brought it to page 1 of Layout Topics. I have read through from page 1 over the last four days and have admired and been enchanted. Congratulations on producing such detailed and real 'diaramas'. It's a place I would love to have visited and 'Train Spotted" .

I have no doubt building it has brought great pleasure to in it's creation as it has to me following it's development.


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Thanks Don, well it certainly gives me plenty of pleasure in building it in retirement, hopefully it will never be finished! 

Just got permission from the boss to change the hanging of the door into the room so that it opens outwards, this will make the lifting section a thing of the past and I will be able to improve the running of the trains over that section

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Barkham Green gets new yard crane




This is the Ratio kit
I didn't like the based supplied with the kit, because I found after the crane was turned a few times the crane wouldn't stay vertical, also I wanted a bit more height.
So I made my own




I cut two discs of 4 mm ply with the hole saw




Then I cut out a piece of plastic for the top so the crane and edging bricks could easily be stuck down




The hole for the cutting saw drill was greater than the 3 mm for the crane  so I needed a new way to turn the crane. I didn't want it fixed in place, since I don't know yet if it is unloading from the wagon or loading into the truck. So I decided the base would turn




Just a couple more jobs to do, I can't decide whether to use the string supplied with the kit for the hook or use more thin chain. Also the chain fitted just needs going over lightly with black paint 



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I brought an etched sheet from Langley some time a go, and have finally got the bit between my teeth with having a go at it




All I need now is some people

Was going to add cutlery and plates etc.but just looked at the price from Preiser  (£14) and I could buy the real thing for that



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Tinkering with an idea of how to do the back scene for the cobbles by the pub




Basically it is Woodland Scenic clumps stuck on to a suitable shaped bit of card, the tree trunks are some old fibre rawlpugs.

I will be having a go at drawing in the bits under the trees on a piece of paper until I am happy with it and then stick it on to the card

Need to work out how to do perspective however!! 



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In terms of the cobbled path its a continuation of the lines that make up the edge of the road. However if you really want to make sure that it makes sense at all angles puting a curve in it so that it curves behind something will help maintain the illusion.

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Tried your idea and cut a up a small mirror to fit between tree and post office I think it works a treat.



However with the road section I found that the view in the mirror changed  too much as I moved in front of layout, so it's back to a pic.


I cut out the card under tree, so what you are seeing now is the back scene, although since it is the near the ground it is nearly white instead on blue.

Cutting out the card will give the final picture a bit more depth and also the pic can be on paper and just slipped behind the trees, allowing plenty of chances until I get it right.


Any way back to trains now, I need to look at the front bogie of the City of Bath because it keeps de-railing over points



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I haven't decided how the buildings will be permanently fixed yet.

The shapes and different angles of the building since they are mounted on a curve will make it difficult to cut the paving slabs.

I think they don't look too bad at the moment so I might leave well alone.

Any way still got to fit interior lighting yet.

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Hello Richard, nice to see all this progress, looks excellent. That garden furniture is very impressive, must have been an intricate little etch?

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