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Westburnham - 1970s-80s / 1930s-40s


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 Nice big space there Keith 


I’m glad you mentioned recycled doors.


i was wondering what the rest of the house hold would of said when they got home today from  buying toilet roll and hand  sanitizer  ( apparently that’s what everyones been doing today) to find they were missing from downstairs.


Not me I’ve been playing trains.


any particular era.... Dcc ? 





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Thanks Dan, yes it's a good long run, it'll be 00 analogue and probably a three or four track mainline on one side and on the other a station and mpd, possibly compartmentalised to allow me to use a range of rolling stock, spanning my rather eclectic railway interests from 1930s Big Four through to '70s BR.


Fortunately I have replaced the doors throughout the house so the old ones were going spare, rescued from being dumped by our builders!!


All the best,





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