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Knightwing - 0-4-0 Industrial Shunter

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The 0-4-0 kit can also be modified into a smaller industrial diesel, admittedly freelance but with a hint of British designs about it.


Here are some photos of mine that I did a few years ago.


This is the almost finished loco, prior to transfers (for a WD loco) being applied:



The body was extensively modified:







At first, I planned to use a Bachmann 'Underground Ernie' motor bogie:



Unfortunately, this didn't run very well, so I then scratchbuilt a very basic chassis and used a small Mashima motor and a High Level gearbox:



The problem with the scratchbuilt chassis was that it was driven on one axle only and despite there eventually being a lot of lead in the body, it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding, so I then replaced that with a Black Beetle, which runs acceptably well and can pull skins off rice puddings (small ones, anyway).


This is the finished loco:



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29 minutes ago, Gordon A said:

High Level do a number of quad drive gearboxes. I know one fits the Planet "Howard" from Roxey.


It certainly does (although with my example, I had to fabricate a basic 0-4-0 chassis for the two-axle drive 'Quadriver' to fit into).






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  • QUOTE:  "The one I am talking about is the LOCO1 as shown above (a shrunken 03 or 04 shunter type of thing), not a Sentinel. Just use the body with the footplate reduced in width, it shouldn't be beyond the imagination to make an 0-6-0 chassis but I have got distracted by the immediate post-grouping period.!


Bruce thanks for clarifying.   At risk of wandering OT, I'm looking at cramming an old Bachmann 0-6-0 + fly shaft split chassis (probably 03) into an as-yet unmade Dapol Drewry kit.  Looks do-able so far...    And to partly quote you...   Q:- Why make life difficult?    A:- 'Cos we like a challenge!

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