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As I don't think these are ever likely to sell, anyone fancy the hearse van to go with the other kits I have put up here?




The model has been posted before, but not the parts for it. Have fun :D


festiniog style hearse van kit instructions.pdf


Hearse van 7mm scale narrow gauge.pdf


Have had a few downloads of the models, but no-one finished one - or not seen it yet... would love to see someone else try them!





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I've only just found this thread and have to say what wonderful models like you I prefer to use card to model in although at the moment in N and HO, I have been tempted by 0-16.5 in the past and having seen this thread it is calling on me to try it again so I have downloaded a couple of your kits and will have a go at them in the next week.


I was wondering if the coach kit would possibly fit onto the Peco Coach chassis kit?



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sorry its been so long getting back - been manic for a while

straight answer is, i am not sure, but probably if you dont mind wrecking a good chassis kit :) personally, I would get a couple of cheap chassis off evilbay and cut them up - much cheaper, too



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Same as nobody else has posted photos up yet, it's time to drag this excellent thread back to the top of the board.




I've never tried 0-16.5 before but a free model is not to be knocked,  I think it's great and mine is only rough because I'm rather ham fisted.  I tried the card chassis but the wheels kept falling out so an old HO scale coach bogie was liberated from the bits box an shorn on unwanted detail.


The loco is the body from an 0 gauge Manning Wardle that I'm part way through building,   based on a Hornby 0-4-0 chassis.  For the photo it's sat on an unmodified Hornby chassis from the bits box.


Time to try a coach and then......


Thanks for posting the kits up Cornamuse,  it's kept me relatively sane on a horrible rainy day.



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You have shown yourself that card chassis can work very well and Jim has proved it.  I'm not the best of modellers but a general level of skintness will see me try most things especially card modelling as it doesn't cost much.


I've got a few 70's H0 scale trainset coachs which might donate their running gear.

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I have found similar problems with the slate wagon, though - I think it is that the tolerances are much tighter in the smaller size - friction seems to be a bigger issue too, although that might be the lack of proper bearings.


what do you have in mind for a layout?

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I really havn't got the space to start on anything big.  So I was thinking of copying another RMWebber by modelling an enthusiasts back garden oval in a boxfile.


The difference being that this garden line is owned by a scruffier type of chap that has it to test the stock that he is restoring for a preserved line.


Mud, old cars and piles of useful bits of wood and metal will feature along with 2 sidings,  one into a shed (think Wesley from 'Last of the summer wine) and another onto a trailer behind an old Land Rover.


Though all this might alter a bit if I find more links like this http://www.ingr.co.uk/sar_locos.html

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These are impressive models. I tend to use wood or tin... Sometimes plasticard... I have in the past tried card when younger, but my construction techniques needed to be improved upon as I was younger then.

I am thinking of giving card a go just to see how things turn out... But I will use free card from packets of things. 

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