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Belfast Great Victoria Street Station and Adelaide-lookalike tribute

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An ageing  AEC railcar in UTA livery departs Adelaide on an all stations to Lisburn service, passing the hard working coal men delivering coal to the back yards of the houses! Where I lived with my Gran in Hugh Street, we had no back entry and the coal man had to carry the coal through the house to the bunker, the bin men doing the same also! 


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The Belfast Corporation bus depot is back! Looking back on my thread, I can’t believe the original depot was built 5 years ago! The same depot remains, but with a larger area for more buses, which is needed, as a couple more Daimler’s and single deckers are waiting to be added to the fleet!




An overall view of the area the depot now occupies 




A peek inside the shed through the fence!




 The extra storage yard area with the running lines behind the buses.

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Just came across thus pic of GVS platform 1


May be of interest Hunslet 102 as it shows the building beyond the buffers.




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Excellent photograph Colin. So atmospheric. Is there a date for it? With all the visible vehicles in UTA 'green' and the white diamond on the edge of the front car's buffer beam, I'm guessing around 1963?


The ground floor of the building beyond the buffers was the 'Control Office'. Of the two figures in the background, the left hand one appears to be a railwayman. Immediately to his left was a black wooden box mounted in the wall about waist level, labelled 'Control'. This was where the train guards 'posted' their train journal sheets on completion of a trip.


Another point of interest is the platform canopy. When built in 1906 it covered all the available platform provided for the 'Motor' trains. It can be seen that the original platform was very short and narrow. This was why the 'Motor' trains were required by the Board of Trade to have inward opening doors when they were first built.


You wouldn't by any chance have a photo of the same scene after the AEC set had departed, to show which catering vehicles were stored in the Dock Siding???  

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Thanks Colin, that is a great picture and the first I have actually seen of the full building at the platform end. I actually have room to model that area since changing the layout, so the photo is of great use.


Great info also Steve, I think your date is probably right or pretty close as I think the wasp stripes were done around 61/62. Thanks  for sharing 


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Back to the tedious ballasting and below is a photo of Grosvenor yard in its last days in the early 70s




The following 2 photos were taken 50 years ago today, showing CIE B181 arriving with a mixed goods to Grosvenor from Dundalk. In the background an NIR DH class waits on the road to clear before departing with some redundant bread containers for scrapping 





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