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Modern Irish in N Gauge

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Following a customer request for some vinyl overlays in N Gauge for some Irish Mark 3s and Class 201 diesels, I find myself getting rather bitten by the Irish bug, with quite a few vehicles now under conversion.


I've taken rather a fancy to the Mk3 push-pull stock with driving trailer...




The latest Mark 4 stock is too nice looking to resist. I've used ex-GNER Mark 4s as a basis.The side profile isn't quite right but I like the overall look of the coach.




Currently on the workbench is a Mark 4 driving trailer, which will require a little more ingenuity than Brasso and vinyl!


Here's the 201 fitted to a Valve Design / Shapeways body on a Dapol Class 66 chassis. It's not quite finished and needs glazing. Will probably re-appear in the later IR livery with full yellow ends.




It has become apparent that there is a seeming lack of any Irish N stock available from mainstream manufacturers. I wonder it it will actually take off at all?

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