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what's the difference between MSV & ZKV wagons?


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would you have ever seen ZKV and Grampus together on an engineers train?

This was a rake of Barbel with one solitary Grampus along for the ride, but I don't believe this was a train to a worksite...





Hi All


Is the Bachmann Iron ore tippler suitable for use as a ZKV Barbel please or is the underframe or axleboxes wrong?

I believe the underframe is wrong - so far as I understand it the Bachmann model comes with a 9' wb chassis with oil axleboxes, the ZKV had 10' wb 8 brake shoe chassis with roller bearings (and a funky cranked handbrake levers.)


I believe the Parkside kit gets you there?






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Hi All


Is the Bachmann Iron ore tippler suitable for use as a ZKV Barbel please or is the underframe or axleboxes wrong?



The Bachmann offering fails on both body and chassis, the body is correct for the early tall unfitted Iron Ore tipplers rather than the lower ones on the fitted wagons that became MSV's/ZKV Barbels and the chassis is the one off the unfitted 16 ton Mineral?


For best results Parkside and Unfitted Hornby!


Mark Saunders

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I remember as a 15 year old spotter sitting at Reading and seeing 37038 in BR blue still with glass headcode lenses pulling a Mixed train of rust and Dutch engineers wagons ZBV Grampus, ZKV Barbell, ZKV Zander and YCV Turbot round the back of platform 10. All wagons that were extremely common at Reading yards back in the 80's.

I was amazed at what I saw as it was a cop but managed to take a couple of pics on my little Hanimex point and shoot. 


I ran the old Hornby MSV models for years until I built my first Parkside Kit version. Hadn't realised how much better they were so don't have any now but never bothered to check if the body dimensions were correct or not, as the chassis for these wagons are available separately from Parkside upon Request.


Cheers Trailrage 

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A couple of pics of my Parkside Kits and a Hornby one  I found in the loft and painted for my little Boy. All just need Weathering touching up and Decals.  One one of thrm I put a STONE decal on. That looks good I thought its in the shape of a hopper wagon, didnt realise it was a 2mm Transfer though! DOH


1st is the Hornby Model. Body is a bit short in height  and the Chassis is one of Hornby's 10ft wheelbase with wooden solebar jobs.


2nd is a Hornby and Parkside side by side comparison.


3rd, 4th & 5th are my Parkside kits








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26 minutes ago, Fat Controller said:

I think it might be 'Chalk' from the Tring area to some works near Southam. 

Yep, 9 years to find my "senior moment". 


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On 09/03/2021 at 07:34, Shed said:

Where can I get Transfers for these Parkside kits?



The latest kits come with transfers for the iron ore version so you might get 2 wagon's worth out of one kit


Railtec also provide for iron ore and stone version  I think


Fox do the iron ore markings and you can get number element sheets for the rest but it's an expensive way to number up a rake


The later dutch livery lettering doesn't seem to be available on a dedicated sheet  so you may have to make with elements from other sheets.


Unless someone knows better.




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