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westerns on 'freightliners'

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Found this on Facebook .........


There were no details, albeit the location is well known - passing Cardiff, Canton on a down liner train.


No idea of the origins or photographer; but if he (or she) makes themselves known I'll either remove or credit as appropriate.


However, from the 1971-1972 WTT


4C15 13:35 FX (Air) Stoke Gifford - Margam ACS "Steel Liner" - Max. load 550 tons.


The balancing working is shown as


4B12 22:25 Sun / 22:05 FX (Air) Margam Abbey South Sidings - Stoke Gifford. - Max load 550 tons.

To attach to

4A19 21:45 Sun / 21:55 FX Ebbw Vale - Park Royal - Max load 550 tons to Spencer Works, 1300 tons Spencer Works - Stoke Gifford and 1800 tons from Stoke Gifford - Park Royal.


Brian R


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4C15 was booked for a load 6 and a dual-brake 47 - nice to see a Western up front.



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i would say they worked about 50% of the trains, i do know that the local photographers took shots, including the 2 Western obsessives that lived in Cardiff, but i've never seen any of the photo's, maybe they are in a loft somewhere, lets hope they surface someday !! Other people where too busy chasing Westerns in the west country to try and get something a bit different, i wonder what they think now ??

Picking at random in an old note book the week of Monday August 16- Friday-20th 1976 produced : Mon, 1033 past canton up at 17-21, Tu, 1033 past canton at 17-33, Wed, 47033 past canton at 17-00, Thur 1009 past canton at 17-25, Friday 1009 past canton at 17-50. The same loco 2 nights running was common. The following week 1058 worked Wed/Th 25th and 26th.

We had 3 other liners, the Newcastle out at 16-00 usually a peak, and the Crewe/ Edinburgh ? out at 21-30ish usually a Crewe/Bescot 47. We did have a third which i think finished in 75 which came up non stop from Swansea and did not stop at Pengam and i think was for Lawley st, this could produce a western now and then, i'm afraid my memories of this train are dim, it did'nt stop and it did'nt last is my excuse ! someone with access to a WTT for the time can fill in the gaps !


hope this is of some use to someone, yes they did work Freightliners, and on a daily basis, its just nobody took pics !



Forgot to check my 1976 notebooks for this and I was not at Bristol parkway any of those dates - summer hols in sunny Pembrokeshire. However did notice that one of the last times I saw D1023 on a BR service train was on the 4V66 Stratford-Danygraig on Saturday 8/1/77.


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