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Photo Call! 2mm Layouts Out and About at Exhibitions

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At the East Surrey N Gauge exhibition at Redhill today, they had a special room put aside for the unclean non-N gauge layouts. There was some narrow gauge there, including Mark Fielder's Pizza layout, and a sneak preview of his latest project. Plus, there was a nice layout representing a sizeable length of a winding German meter gauge line, all on a gradient and true to Google maps. It was running today with Swiss trains (mostly re-gauged Kato). I was also there with 'Freshwater', the first 2mmFS layout to be invited to the show.







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I finally managed to get to see the impressive Fence Houses at TrainWest 2018.  

Only had the mobile phone with me and RMweb adds a lot of compression, but I hope the owners do not mind me posting a couple of pictures. Would love to photograph using my proper kit some day ;^)













Lots of inspiration all around and many very friendly operators / stand holders. 

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The two Scottish 2mmSA area groups joined forces to run a Supermeet in Perth today. We were delighted to see several new faces from Scotland, as well as several visitors from south of the border. Several new layouts were on display: here's a small sample, there are more shots in the Forth and Clyde Area Group's blog.


Jim Watt's Kirkallanmuir:


John Galbraith's Glen Ammen:



David Long's Ashton Fold:




Graham Roberts


[edited to correct links]

Edited by Graham R
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Good to see both Freshwater and Modbury at the NESCOT show earlier today - very nice exhibition if you get some free time to visit tomorrow...


Have posted some pics here already to avoid clogging the thread ;)




Right....now to get my act together for my trip to Essex new week with KoL :good:



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Had a good weekend at the Epsom show. Quite busy and a lot of people interested in the Isle of Wight railways.




In addition, it appears we had a diesel gala in Freshwater on the Sunday morning.




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In addition, it appears we had a diesel gala in Freshwater

 And there was me thinking that "Off the Rails" meant a Shapeways shop... (rather than a Cl.33 sunbathing on the gravel)

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Dave has not fitted DCC chips to all locos yet, and did not want them fried. Hmmm, speaking of frying and chips, it's chip van night here tonight :nyam:

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Perth MRC show this weekend saw the 2mmSA Further North roadshow being manned by the Scottish Further South group (aka the Forth and Clyde group: although the Grampian group did put in an appearance). Jim and Alisdair were spreading the gospel:




Alistair made sure there was no slacking in quiet periods:




Jim's tools, snapped while he was off for lunch: he had been making one of his own Buchanan Kits etches, for a Caley seven-ton open, seen top right.


Of note: X-acto chunky aluminium handle and curved blade, for separating parts from the etch frame. The modern X-acto handles are made in plastic and nothing like as nice. Jim inherited his from his father! Handy folding LED lamp, five quid from Squires a couple of shows ago. Industrial sewing machine needle, donated by  Jim Boulton many moons back, used to push out half-etched bolt detail in the etches. Zinc sheet, brass pad, and plywood panel to provide different cutting surfaces. 188 solder paint.


Martin Stewart was showing his 2mm skills on the Scottish Modellers stand and had a nice set of ScotRail coaches and a Class 68, depicting the Fife Circle loco-hauled set which performs two peak-hour turns a day and is due to be retired at the end of 2018. Catch it while you can! Martin had applied the vinyls to the coach shells when demo'ing the previous day.






He had also produced some nice-looking turnouts, part of his next project, to be based on the contemporary scene at Edinburgh's Haymarket station. FineTrax jigs are in evidence. Martin wrote up his techniques recently in the DEMU magazine UPdate, issue 86 - a nice article which is well worth a look.




The show had to compete with decent weather outside which kept attendance light on Sunday. Still, we saw many old friends and made some new ones. Perth is always a good show and retained its reputation as Scotland's friendliest exhibition. Thanks for having us Stan!


[Edit to fix class 67 68 ... well it's a class something or other ... where's Steve Harold when you need him ... ]

Edited by Graham R
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Correction on my tools (the hacks never get it right, do they!). The sewing machine needles came from Bill Rankin and the piece of ply is for pressing down on when soldering, as can be seen from its rather burnt surface.



Edited by Caley Jim
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Hello all,


I think Martin mentioned that the jigs he has from Fast Tracks were custom-milled according to CAD files he sent.  I am not sure they are available off the shelf.



Ben A.

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Glad you’re all paying attention at the back there! Apologies for the fake news, my reporter’s notebook has been playing up lately, probably damaged by the severe compression applied in the Edinburgh-Perth 0933 train yesterday (3 coaches for the 3 1/2 hour trip to Inverness, with many passengers standing from the start and tourists finding nowhere to put their luggage). There is no connection with the small refreshment I had taken with my evening porridge.



Lunchtime O’Booze

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  • RMweb Gold

No pics, I'm afraid, but Burnham On Sea, a 2mmFS layout undergoing restoration, was working well at the Paignton exhibition today. Once again I am reminded just how lovely the track can look. Its new owner has all sorts of ideas for bringing it up to modern standards - but the basics are already there. One to watch if you get the chance. 

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RailWells - August 11th


Various parts of John Greenwood's North Cornwall Railway:











Tresarret and Clay Dries




As labelled




Wenford Bridge




St Blazey


and other 2FS layouts present:




Alan Whitehouse's rebuilt Mini MSW




Mick Simpson's Callaton




Jim Allwood's Bordesley North




not forgetting John Birkett-Smith's Ashburton








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Here is a 360 video of a Pullman train arriving at Padstow. Recorded at RailWells.
This video is best viewed on a tablet or mobile phone. Follow the train round to the staion by swiping the view, or moving the phone.


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A couple of photos from the recent RailWells show - nothing flash, just my iPhone. 

Finally had the chance to get them onto the laptop and a quick tweak.


Two very different but enjoyable layouts, even though one is N gauge and generated a lot of discussion around the 2mm stand, both certainly inspiration for my own and probably a few other peoples modelling adventures.



Edited by Steven Draper
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Andover - Modelex 2018, September 1st and 2nd.


Llangerisech was conveniently situated in the corner of a large sports hall.


The prohibition of "Exterior Footwear" was ignored by operators, spectators and management alike.

Those of food and drink were honoured (mostly).


Late Sunday afternoon saw the approach and arrival of a slightly unconvincing visitor:






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I decided to make the journey over from Cardiff to go to the Festival of Steam at Steam in Swindon after finding that the kids and I had a free day.


It was great to see the re-vamped Mini-MSW. The more open appearance without the cutting allows you to get a better view of those 76s.




Also it was the first time I'd seen Foxcote New Pit since it ceased to be Highbury Colliery. One of us was particularly taken with it:




Thanks to Jerry and Kim for letting us have a turn. Kim supervised while my two ran the most intensive service of the afternoon.







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Good to see Ketton cement out and about Martin, running impeccably well as it always does, at least when I see it. Its just a cracking piece of work.


Good luck with your new project, going to be worth seeing that's for sure.

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'Freshwater' this morning, all set up ready for the weekend at Fareham Railex 2018. Not much progress since its last outing since it seems like half the year has been taken up with the Channel 5 Challenge and Radio Times layout build. However, last week I did manage to find time to re-jig the point and servo connection that seemed to trip up certain wagons fairly frequently. Now I need to attend to a couple of other locations that give trouble occasionally. I also need a session of coupling height and operation maintenance before the next exhibition, Didcot in two weeks. However, the layout has performed pretty well today, despite the humid conditions requiring some extra track cleaning during the day.





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Thanks for posting those.


I only took 3 photos and they were first thing Saturday morning (one of which was somewhat blurred), however for what they are worth I'll post the other 2 here...



Looking towards Plymouth



Looking towards Newton Abbot


An enjoyable weekend, a couple of minor issues - (i) Up Starter under-board gubbins broke on Saturday which a temporary fix failed to resolve for the whole weekend rendering that signal inoperative, (ii) a bad solder joint rendered the goods shed and cattle dock sidings out of action for much of Saturday (that was fixed Saturday evening so all was good on Sunday) and finally a fairly major issue is that some of the exits onto/off the train tables caused derailments - So I know what I'll be doing over the next few weeks before Modbury takes to the road again (a local show at Lutterworth in Leicestershire on 4th/5th May).


On the whole the layout and stock (particularly coaches) received some very nice comments, it was particularly nice that "the other halves" seemed to enjoy the layout too.  Not to belittle anyone else's kind comments but to receive positive comments about the grass and scenery from Gordon Gravett was particularly pleasant.


The one disappointment of the weekend happened while I was away at lunch on Saturday - Tim Watson's lovely "Mons Meg" visited Modbury.  Hopefully Tim will post photos / video of the event at some point.



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