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Photo Call! 2mm Layouts Out and About at Exhibitions

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Modbury was at the Warley exhibition at the NEC at the weekend.  Unfortunately I didn't take many photos, but I did capture a bit of video while I was manning the Newton Abbot end fiddle yard and Chairman Jim Allwood was operating.  The video captures an out-of-period BR liveried 2251 class (courtesy of John Russell) shunting a pair of cattle wagons from an up (Newton Abbot bound) pick-up goods into the cattle dock.  I clearly took the video from the upper branches of a nearby tree in gusty weather as it's a little shaky at times :rolleyes:

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On 21/03/2017 at 00:34, dpgibbons said:

Great layout and an interesting concept. I assume the foreground lines and sidings are one gauge with the running lines in rear the other, but which is which?   

Sorry very late to the party here. I don’t know if any of the Huddersfield lads are members of the forum. I was heavily involved in the early stages of the Millsbridge layout (before it was even named!) it’s been on the go for getting on for twenty years now. I left the project (and modelling) about ten years ago now.

The layout is mixed 2mm and N Gauge, the inner two tracks being N gauge have no turnouts on the front, so the difference is less obvious. I always felt it looked a bit like the difference between flat bottomed and Bullhead rail. The finescale side is PCB sleepers with the new ( at the time!) bull head Code 40. I reckon the Viaduct was probably one of the first uses of Laser Cutting in modelling, I drew it up and got it cut via contact from work.


It was certainly an ambitious project and actually our second attempt, we had a false start in about 1982 if I recall, that version lasted about ten years and was never complet. The Coal drops and some other parts, including the single slip and double slip were rescued from it and used on the current one.


The guys in the club have just about completed now, four of the five original instigators are still involved....... just me who cried off part way through.



Ian Mitchell. ( ex modeller..... :mellow:)

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Not so much 'Out and About' but since both #TwitterModelTrainShow and 'The Great Virtual Model Railway Show 2020' on Facebook are now almost over, here is a YouTube playlist of the four videos of my South Yard micro layout that I made for the two virtual exhibitions that were set up to lighten the mood during the current virus measures.


I found both shows an interesting experience. Both attracted contributions from non-UK exhibitors and were able to showcase non-portable layouts like garden and loft layouts.


I'm still struggling to find the show guide though.




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40 minutes ago, D869 said:

.... four videos of my South Yard micro layout ....


Very nice. I particularly like the backscene and lighting effects.



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