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Farish announce all new Standard 4MT 2-6-4T

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I guess it's the same reason that caused the original LMS Jinty to drop off the radar.


What was that Shandy? I'm puzzled by this. I've got my rake of crimson Mark 1 suburbans all primed up for 80119 and now it's seems to be late. Reminds me of the 'Misery Line' days of the LTS!

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That 60 days list is a bit of a lottery most of the time. I've seen things appear, then disappear, then arrive in the shops anyway.


Given the floaty nature of release dates for new stuff these days, from both major manufacturers, i've learnt to just expect models whenever they turn up and be happy that they actually have!



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As mentioned elsewhere, the early emblem model is currently listed on the Farish website as arriving approx Aug/Sept and the late crest (which I want) as Oct/Nov.  


One of the models was going to be produced with a tablet catcher - does anyone know if there been any announcements about whether it was the early or late version? 





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Here is 80119 at Scalby station in 1956. Derailed and with something missing in the buffer department. Oops.


I've seen this pic before in Trains In Trouble, and always assumed the buffer was removed to keep clearance to the other line, so trains could continue to run until 80119 was recovered.




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