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Halwill Goods Shed

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The Halwill Goods Shed Is Now Complete :imsohappy:


Following input from folk, I ripped off the roof and remade it and added new flashing. It now looks a whole lot better:



The strip of paper under the track is to stop the GWR van, which is very free wheeling, from shooting off the track and off the work bench.


And here, in different lighting and angles, are some followup pictures:


post-123-0-84528800-1343111227.jpg post-123-0-78579500-1343111241.jpg


And here is the loading bay detail, which I haven't shown before




And roadside detail:




Now I'm a more ebullient lagomorph (Happy Bunny). It looks fairly decent, the roof is no longer a mess and the overall impression is now fairly OK. There are one or two places where a wipe of Pritt stick and some gentle finger pressure will flatten down some rough edges (which I only noticed upon photo magnification). Once that is done, I can pack it off to olddudders and get cracking on the Siphon and Mr Brunel's Hat.


As always, comments, observations and critiques and other feedback welcomed.



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Yes, it does look better, of course - but then it wasn't bad before! Will be looking out for the postman any day now!


P.S. You do still take Green Shield stamps, don't you?

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