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Loco shed for a future 'N' scale layout

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As I'm currently planning an 'N' scale layout that hopefully will be completed to exhibitable standard within 4 years and the basis for this layout is a region and era/period neutral setting (allowing for different stock running on different days at shows). This means that all the buildings will need to be scratchbuilt and not based on any actual existing or previously existed buildings, basically they will be the result of my fevered imaginings.


This year's challenge is just the push I need to get off my butt and start to produce something.


The first building I will produce is going to be the Loco shed, which I have drawn up the component pieces ready for them to be transferred to tracing paper which will then be taped to the plasticard sheets and this should mean I get accurate cut lines. I intend to create a shell from 10thou plasticard which will be clad inside and out with appropriate surfaces. If I can I will also create work benches and other detail features for the inside (although at 1:148 these might not be able to be seen once the builing is planted, but will give me some satisfaction).


Later this week I should be in a position to post pics of the shell.


If (and that's a big IF) I finish this building in a timely manner I may even start on a 2nd entry (Gulp)



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As I had very little work booked in for today I thought I'd get started on the shell for this build.


First up is the component parts



Now that it is tacked together we have

The office side of the shed



One end of the offices with the Path Grit bunker in place



The other end with the offices coal bunker in place



The window side of the shed



View from the rear access doorway



And finally the view from the front access doorway



Once my order from Slaters arrives I will be cutting the various component parts for the building skin to attach the this shell, there will be glazing to fit and trimming to do to all the openings to give a smooth and square look.

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Ok, I haven't updated this topic in a long while, mainly because my modelling juju took an extended holiday and when it returned last week it was just in time for a major upheaval in my life. So it is with regret that I now withdraw gracefully from this year's challenge and hopefully will be in a better position to tackle next year's offering.



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