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I took up a lead from the last New Irish Lines and contacted Elrokits about their sets of railway photographs for sale. This outfit is run by Robert Hendry & Elena Hendry, the well-known author of many railway books. They have 8 sets of BCDR listed and smaller numbers of C&L, CIE, GNR, LLSR, SLNCR, T&D and CIE signalling. The sets are of approximately 10 photographs in 6"x4" B&W format. Robert tells me that they also have a lot of NCC, GNR, CDR, GSR, etc, which are waiting scanning from the negatives. The total collection is in the order of 10,000 photographs, mostly non-Irish. In view of the NCC interest on this webgroup there would probably be something of interest there. See http://sites.google.com/site/elrokits/home/c02-rail-photo-sets.

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