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Well I decided to do this coach in the forum as it is part and parcel of the 2012 challenge.


It is a kit build in so much as the sides and ends come as a kit of vacuum formed parts. These will be used as part of a majorly scratch built carriage. I bought these parts years ago, some one has started but not done anything to drastic.


The idea with this and the 2012 challenge is to end upwith a two coach gated stock pull push set, as it would of been in 1930.


I have yet to decide how to progress with this, I have never done one before and the instructions are really non existant. I hope you will join me on this unknown adventure.


Here is the side of this one next to the 2012 challenge.



The kit such as it is.



A close up.


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Here is the work so far, I have cut out the windows on the two sides. The next part was to the 20 thou strips for the bolections around the main windows. I then added two pieces of 30 thou spacers for the glazing as per the photo. The glazing then slips in from the ends. I then added 40 thou as the inner side this will have the windows cut out when things have had a chance to set. On this one the doors will be cut out as I do the inner windows.












So far I am pleased with the way it is going. Very old fashioned but I think it will makeup into a passable model. It is probably more work than an etched kit, but with the bits I have will to buy and the kit, it has wil cost less than £50. Which in my mind is a cheap carriage.

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That depends from where you started modelling.When I started you had the likes of Eames and Firmco for metal cits, K's whitemetal were state of the art. Coach kits were wooden and vacuum formed, Westdale pressinggs the best. Even with all of these you needed to make parts.


I would love to have a state of the art kit for the locos and coaches I want, but the way I model I would rather have a couple of goodcheaper kits and add more detail, than buy one state of the art kit.

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Things on the two coaches has been pretty quiet of late. Mainly as I am waiting for materials from the UK, also I have been busy on the loco front. I have 3 locos that all need to be finished. so unfortunatly they are getting priority.


I have managed to get the windows in the inner sides cut out. I have also found something that is not too promising. The ends etc will make the coach 6 inches narrow. I was hoping to use the middle partitions and the connecting end. I was going to have to change the driving end to make the 1930 model. But now it looks like I will have to make them all new.





I am hoping the bits will be here soon, it has been a good couple of weeks since they were ordered. so with any luck they might be here within the month. Here's hoping.

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Looking good to me Peter, nice to see the southern reaching Brazil, great stuff, keep the picture's coming,inspirational....


Thanks George.


I reached here long before me. One of the Lynton and Barnstable locos where sent to a place called Recife a few states away, and they then managed to lose it. So I get my Southern models under lock and key with the record around here. :sungum:

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Still going slowly I have managed to do a little. Most of my modelling time is going on the 3 loco's that need finishing.


I have got the basic body assembled. This has led to a couple of problems. The first is I am now completely confused about how to do the driving end. The problem stems from the side windows being right on the end, this would not of been a problem if the glazing did not need to be slide in from both ends. I have a feeling there might be some disassembly before the carriage is complete.


The second how do I now I get the panelling and doors into the vestibule? Think I should of thought about it little more before adding the solvent. The silly thing is I have cut the panelling out for it already.


But for my lapses in the thought process I am pleased with the wayit is coming on. Still need to get some material from the UK. Itis getting on for 3 weeks now so it can't be tomuch longer.









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I have managed to get a little done on this carriage in between trips to the Federal Police, trying to sort out my visa, they only let you know one thing you need at a time and this is after they look on the computer and see that Brasilia have granted you one, B nightmare.


I have made the seats and fitted them. I have also added the luggage compartment partition. You will also see the vestibule panelling has been fitted. these are just now waiting for the doors to be made and fitted.






I am working on the rooves at the moment, hoping my plan for them will work, I will try a tissue paper cover as I have not used this before.

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Going by the rest of the build l'm sure it will Peter, good luck.


(PS have you built the Ace A1X ? and have you any comment's / picture's please ?)


George the A1 build is on my blog. It is being lined at the moment.

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Only a little more done to the driver, but most of what is going on with the trailer third, is benifiting this carriage. Some of the bits are duplicated.


Well I did the doors for the vestibule, and fitted them, see the trailer link as the method is there. I will also be redoing the top of the vestibule it will be trimed and the roof run all the way through. I will be starting the roof itself next. Now I know what I wanted to to do works.






The camera always makes the work look shoddy. Or is it my eyes not working so well.

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Nothing done for a while unfortunatly I have not done very much lately. But the bogies arrived from Roxey, these have just been made up.


Hopefully I can get some more time on this now and get a bit more done. I need to get it into the same condition as the trailer third.




Well thats all for now.

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I have now got this on the go again. I have painted the interior in the same manner as the trailer third. I found this one much easier to do, practice I suppose.


I think I have had a bit if luck, the roof which messed up for the trailer might just fit this as I think it is about 0.5mm narrower.


I am hoping to get the ends for this sorted out next, it is the drivers end I am having trouble with as far as glazing is concerned.





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Bom Dia Peter,


I always enjoy reading a thread about building coaches!


Your coach is coming on very nicely. It is challenging to have those windows so close to the one end. Reading through David Jenkinson's book on carriage building, it seems inserting glazing through slots from above was his solution for this kind of design. DJ also used to add the bollections as a solid rectangle (with rounded corners) and fix it over the window position before cutting out the window opening to leave the bolection frame. It works in 4mm, but requires more force and a very sharp knife in 7mm scale I would suppose. It could well be that the bolections were bevelled on the inside edge, but I am no expert on LSWR coaches. (Or much else!)


I am full of admiration for you being able to work with vacuum-formed sides. As a young teenager, I once tried to make a 4mm SECR coach using such parts and gave up!



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I think I will have to do something like that with the driving end. I think looking at the photos, the bolections on the where square section. or may have a very slight taper. Not one easily seen. Now you mention the rectangular bits I remember reading that. I don't think it would of been too hard that way. But I will try and remember if I do the ironclads as I think the raised bit around those windows was square cornered.

Thanks for the nice coments, I wait to see if I can work with vacumm formed sides until the end.

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Full marks for dedication to a project! It makes me feel humble about for ever putting off the task I have to construct some similar etched brass kits!!!!!


I imagine that you intend for the livery to be Southern Railway with the Driving Ends fitted - LSWR would have looked maginficent but early Southern lined will look classy.


I really look forward to seeing the later stages - well done

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