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GeorgeT's (7mm Workbench) T9

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Great selection mate, I thought you only had about 5 or so.


How many Locos have you got completed and in Kits ready to build?


Hello Buddy, l have two locos and six wagon kits to build yet...

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Yes Mate its a resin body and floor, all you have to do is add the wheels and under floor detail, looks good...

Sounds like one that even I could do, but I'd probably still get the wheels the wrong way round, haha :no:

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The JLTRT resin wagon kits do go together easily. But the buffers need a lot of fettling to get them to work.


You may also want to check the buffer spacing. It's wrong on a lot of early JLTRT kits.


Hi Kev, l have checked the buffer spacing and you are spot on they are quite a bit out so l will fill them in and start new holes, l will replace the buffer with better ones, thanks....

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Enjoyed building the JLTRT mink, but didn't realize it was one of the early kits, and found a few problems en route, the buffers were not in the right place and needed the holes filled and re drilled and most of the castings needed a lot of cleaning up and some were broken, trouble with flea bay ?, still after a lot of work ll am very pleased with the outcome just need to fit the door catches to the sides and paint GWR dark grey,






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Building a Parkside Dundas GWR 12ton Fruit van for the collection, but l have put it together different to what l normally do and that is to build the body and add the roof separate, then build the chassis on its own, much easier to paint with no masking to worry about...









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Hello Deano, lts a nice snug fit so l don't think l will have to glue ?  l have just completed the JLTRT GWR mink, thats where l got the idea from and thats a nice fit too, l think its a case of careful handling, Hahahaha...

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GW wagons are nice to paint you only clean the airbrush once unless it's a van with a white roof.


Looks like you're enjoying your model making again George.


Hello Peter, Yes its full steam ahead, l think doing something different like some GW has given me the boost l needed...

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Those buffers look well good its a shame they don't sell them separately.


Ian G

Hi Ian,


Have you asked? I got the impression when talking to Laurie at Telford last year that they would sell castings from any of their kits and that you just had to email for a list of castings, decide what you wanted and Laurie would work out a price.

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  • georgeT changed the title to GeorgeT's (7mm Workbench) T9

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