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If you order from the Shapeways shop:



Then Shapeways manufacture and send the prints to you, not AJ Models themselves.


(AJ Models were in fact Active on this forum earlier today)

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Does anyone know if AjModels are still producing their Ex L&Y class 27 and 28 3D prints. I can’t see any recent reports from customers or entries on their blog. I don’t want to fall into the trap of ordering something online from someone who is no longer trading - once bitten, twice shy.



John D





If it helps I do two versions of the L&YR Class 28, both the rebuilt Class 27 with Belpair Firebox and the later 657 new build Class 28's.


Here is a link to a completed one (27 rebuild type) in Shapeways WSF, takes a  lot of smoothing in this material.


although the more expensive FUD/SFDP Resin ones are available too.


Alternatively they can be printed here on the Photon in detail resin, cheapest option.    Very similar to the FUD although not identical.


Thought AJ did the original Class 27?

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