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Hemyock - Down on the farm...


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On 04/02/2019 at 16:52, aberdare said:

Thanks Chris and Andy.


The last few months had been difficult and modelling had ceased on all projects, the old mind though was always still thinking about future models and research carried on whenever I had the chance.


One of those times was when I got roped in to catching 18 feral cats on a local farm, one of which I adopted and she is now a very loving and devoted cat to me, I do like to try and turn ferals around when I can, but I digress. As I was still in the process of farm building the old buildings that were seen soon gained some interest from myself, I asked for permission to take a few pictures to build models and this was granted.


One of those buildings was an old granary that I loved the look of and thought it would be a good subject for my farm.

Here are some of those pictures.


Front of granary












the rear







The stables (rear)







I did like all the vents over each block and have taken closer shots of them for reference.


All this research will not go to waste and as the buildings have been drawn up and just need cutting out this will be my next project once I have my room set out, a little way off yet but plans are afoot.


So that is what I shall be doing in the near future using the same stone sheets as on the previous buildings, hopefully updates will start in a few weeks and I am looking forward to getting back to the bench and sharing the build as it progresses.


Thank you to one and all for the supportive ratings and messages that you have given, they were and are greatly appreciated and the friendship on here is fantastic in times of need.


See you soon










Can we please have a picture of the cat?

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Thanks for the replies.



18 hours ago, OnTheBranchline said:


Can we please have a picture of the cat?


As requested here are a few pictures of 'Brie' the rescued feral who is now a very affectionate pet.













Yes I have seen the redutex items and have been impressed by how they look, I don't really know why I haven't got around to buying any yet though, maybe it's because most of the rooves in the area I model are covered in slate and I just like making my own.


Still hoping that I can resume modelling again soon.







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Sad news and my sincere condolences to his family and friends. He was a very talented modeller with a great eye for detail. Hemyock was an inspirational layout. He will be greatly missed.

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I never met Jim, but like others I have followed Hemyock with much admiration and had enjoyable PM conversations with him. After his wife passed away he said openly on here that he needed a break from modelling, but he did get going again in a small way, even if things were clearly difficult.  It is sad that he never got to fulfil all his plans for the layout, but he came a long way with it, and it's a pleasure to look back through the thread. I especially liked Jim's structures which had so much character, and the rich texture of his landscape modelling.


Rest in peace Jim.


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Hello Everyone,


I am Aberdare (Jim's) son, James. I was kindly granted access to his account, so that I could pass on the news to those who I know he considered to be his friends, as well as learn more about the project he was working on. 


It is very touching to see the messages of support that have been left and I thank you all for your kind words. 


Dad passed suddenly and unexpectedly on 12th November as a result of heart failure. For anyone wishing to pay their respects in person, his funeral will be on 2nd December 1:30pm, at All Saints church in Kilham, East Yorkshire. There will be a private family committal at Octon Crematorium, followed by a gathering at the Old Star Pub in Kilham. For those who might want to pay their respects but are unable to attend, these should be sent C/O Henry Naylors Funeral Directors, Easterfield House, 1 New Rd, Driffield YO25 5DL. 


I very much hope that you can make it. 

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Thank you for letting us know.  It was obviously a great shock to you and your family.  I never met your dad, but we had phone and email conversations.  I am a great admirer of his modelling abilities and his commitment to detail.


He, and your mum very often in my prayers and I shall keep you in them during this difficult time.

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Thanks for the post James, I To was just an admirer and just exchanged lines of encouragement etc on the thread.

A truly great modeller and sad loss for you all,

condolences to you and your family.



Im opposite end of the country unfortunately. 

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