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2707, Translok Minilok 130 (Crewe works shunter)

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Seriously, I saw a photo on Flickr the other day and thought to myself "what a funny little machine".

Inspired by some of the great stuff I've been looking at during the past few days here in the Challenge topics, plus the fact that there was nothing on TV tonight I decided to have a go at knocking one together.

Then while I was building it I realized it might even be eligible for the Challenge....


I haven't been able to find much prototype information, so I'm not quite sure what it was or what it did (does? It might still be in service actually).

For the moment I'm not going to reveal it's identity - I want to see if anybody's able to recognize what it's supposed to be ;)


As I've got another few projects on the go at the moment I don't know I'll be able to get it finished by the deadline (12 days now). So this really is going to be a challenge!!


Again, appologies for the quality of the photos. I should really of have taken some while I was building it but I was so absored I forgot ("I'll add one more bit then take a photo" I kept saying)



This is my blueprint, next to a Class 50 to give an idea of scale (This is 4mm scale but the machine is tiny).

I had to guesstimate the dimensions from photos, so i don't know how accurate it is.



This is how far I got with it tonight.

While building it I became awear of a handfull of errors and imperfections. Seems like I didn't study the photos properly and didn't notice a glearing feature that I havn't included. And I guess I was cutting away at that Plasticard in a bit of a hurry :nono: Due to the nature of how I went about constructing it, it's now impossible to rectify a couple of those mistakes.

Nevertheless as it's my first attempt at buidling something completly from scratch, I'm actually quite pleased with how it's going.

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A couple of photos of today's progress....



Now with buffers and a bit more detail added.



Painted and glazed. The paint job's not very good as I did it in a bit of a hurry. Then whilst it was drying I went and put a fingerprint on it, so I thought I'd try to soften the paint with a drop of thinner.... But instead it caused some kind of reaction and it looked as if it was going to peal. Not sure what I'll find in the morning.... :umbrage:


Next up will be fine body details (handrails and lamps) and bogies.


So you're stumped? Nobody knows what it is? You're dissapointing me now ;)

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Here's a photo of today's progress. I'm really quite surprised I was able to complete this in time.

I'd say it's just about ready to roll.



It will need a bit of fine tuning and a light weathing tomorrow. And I want to photograph it properly. Other than that that's just about it really.


It's turned out better than I thought I'd be able to do. Although by no means perfect because I overlooked some features while I was designing/planning it, but the build has more or less gone to plan. I'm quite satisfied with it.

If I were to do this machine again I'd do somethings differently. All in all it's been a fun experiance and I've learnt a thing or two :)


Just one question remains: Does anybody know what it's supposed to be?

I'll give a clue to those of you who know where my interests usually are. The clue is, it's totally irrelevant to anything I've ever done before and quite irrelevant to anything I'm interested in. :P


P.S. Sorry Andy, didn't realize the image was copywrited.

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I do take my time - honest! :D It's just that sometimes I have long sessions. If I'm in the right mood I can go for 8 to 10 hours quite easily....

I reckon the build of this vehicle took about 20 hours in total, done in three sittings.


Shunting tractor.... Yes, it is something like that I guess. But can anyone really surprise me and tell me where was it used? :P


Another clue? It wasn't (not sure if I should say "isn't" because I don't know if it's still in use) industrial or private owner.

That is to say, back in the day it was opperated by BR.

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That's me finished then :)

Here are a few "offical works photos" before I went about weathering it.










And the following are after weathering had been completed.














In the following photos the locomotive can be seen in action on my Bath Road diorama (The real locomotive was not in use at this location)






And finally, one just to give an idea of the size of it.




So if nobody knows what it is I'll reveal it's identity on Monday.... ;)

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Hi Vac Basher,


I've seen this loco somewhere. I can't quite think where? My first guess would be the Crewe works shunter that use to drag locos onto the traverser. Other than that I can't remember.


P.S. Nice model in double quick time.





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Well done Vin!! I was begining to think that my modelling skills must be really bad if it wasn't even vaguly recognizable! :D


It is infact the Translok Minilok 130, number 7207 that was used at Crewe works.


Here are a couple of Flickr links to photos of it:




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This is the little beast you mean (I certainly recognised and remembered it)



Crewe Works April 1986



Crewe Works February 1988


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Great photos Derek.

Similar machine. Although "my" one had a diffrent shaped bonnet; doesn't have horns; or the red (brake?) pipe on the bufferbeam. Plus both exhausts on 7207 were diffrent and the rear facing light was mounted in a diffrent place. So this one must have been another one they had!

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Thousands upon thousands of people have seen this diminutive work horse. Obviously it has been overlooked at open days due to the more impressive exhibites, refurbished 37's, new build 90's & 91's and even the class 40 scrapline !!!


It was the tall exhaust that made me wonder if it was or wasn't the minilok.


Is yours motorized?



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Funny you mention that, because I think the exhaust on mine may be a bit too tall. I'm undecided about cutting it down a few mm's or not....


But to answer your question, no it's not motorized. In hasn't even got proper wheels actually - they're kind of scratch built too :D

The thing is it's a model I didn't really need, so to have put a motor in it would have been double-superfluous! But if I had wanted to I don't think it would have been too complicated to get something in there.

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