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Ron Heggs

Points Bridge, Hagg Bank, Wylam, Northumberland

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A railway structure built in styrene, not connected directly with my main layout builds


What else could it be but a bridge, the choice being an existing structure no longer in use by today's railway system


Points Bridge, Hagg Bank, Wylam, Northumberland


Scale – 4mm / 1 ft

Overall dimensions – 1066mm long x 110mm wide x 170mm high (u/s bridge deck to top of arch)




Drawings were prepared - Elevations and Sections






The build started by constructing the deck beams, the rail support stringers and the inter-rail deck plating








Of course my usual testing of the bridge structural elements was a must, and was completed to my satisfaction




The second stage of the build was the construction of the three arches, which required a study of the build process to ensure that all the cross-bracing could be placed and fixed in place relatively easily


A template drawing was used to enable the curved top and bottom beams to be placed and held in their correct positions whilst the vertical bracings were fixed in position


Two of these side structures were then placed side by side and joined by plating strips 9.5mm wide, top and bottom


The lower part of the arch was fitted with cross-braces above and below the upper flange of the bottom arch beam






The side cross bracings complete with their internal cross-bracings




Completed Arch fixed to the Bridge Deck






Suspension hangers struts fitted




One of the two outer arches started






Although I ran out of time to complete the bridge for the end of challenge date, construction continues


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The challenge was supposed to finish at the end of November 2012 but nothing seems to have come of it, so I'd keep posting if I were you.

Cracking model! It's like Meccano in plastic

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