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Here we are at the closing date of the competition and I have unfortunatly not finished. The project will be completed as I am very happy with the way it has gone I have just been a bit slow.

Here in is a summery of what has been done so far.


I started out to make in 7mm scale a LSWR pull push vestibuled trailer third, more commonly known as gated stock. The idea was to construct the body from plasticard, and underframes from metal. The bogies would be bought in. So far I have manage to make a very sound body shell using a method base on one in David Jenkinsons book.

The interior has been put in and painted. The roof needs final shaping and detailing. The ends are made and ready to for final fitting. The Bogies are complete and waiting to be painted. There is no work done as yet on the underframe as I was contemplating how to make the queen posts. There is not too much left to do before the carriage body can be painted.

But I expect it will take a few more months to finish as loco's have the priority at the moment. I am looking forward to the painting and lining after my efforts with the S&DJR PBV. I hope this has been of interest to you all although it is incomplete. Please keep watching as I will get there.




The plan from Mike Kings Southern Pull Push Stock.



The basic construction






How the glazing will fit.




Seat ends.




Compartment doors.





The Fox's bogies



The main body construction







The painted interior.






The failed roof.




The second roof.





The ends failed and warped, and the redesigned ends.
















I have followed most if not all of the vast host of fantastic well made projects, good luck to all.

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A very impressive piece of plasticard work, have you ever read the pieces by E R H Francis (better known later as Teddy Francis of Dart Castings fame) in the early seventies Railway Modeller which started the popular plasticard revolution?


I cannot find any reference to scale but assume it is in 7mm due to the ratio of hand and model in one picture which makes your efforts even more unusual most people do not use plastic in the larger scale, although I knew one chap who built locos this way.


Just one tip try a third layer on the inside of the ends to even out the pull of the laminations and cure the curvature.



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Yes it is 7mm I think I ought to edit and add the scale. I will look out for some of Teddy's work.


The ends were made of three layers, I think the first ones I may of been a bit slow adding the third layer. You live and learn. The new ones are still residing under three boxes containing locomotives.

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