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Thank you!


I was just thinking about this thread a few days ago. Unfortunately I'll be heading over in the Spring next year, but strange things can happen, and maybe two trips might be possible.


6 hours ago, chris p bacon said:

Batemans brewery ....the location of the 2020 GNRS AGM.


Any Other Business (AOB) will consist of one question....whose round is it ?


And eventually, where am I?

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So glad to see activity still happening on this layout! Until fairly recently I lived in Louth, which I'm sure is a name familiar to you given the region and era of this layout! I'm living in London these days, but this layout is an amazing insight into what could have been if I was born a decade (or 9) earlier! Also brings back fond memories of riding the sprinters between Skegness and Heckington to see the grandparents :D Top work, keep it up!

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Hey there.


I briefly surface on here from time to time to promise stuff, and then other things take over again. Havenhouse hasn't changed in the last year as I've been getting my business to the point where I can take a wage, and I've been working on the wasteland around the house were burnt tyres in heaps, broken glass all over, and the back seat of some car or other in bushes, to something resembling a garden. The garden near the house is done, and the rubbish has gone, and my wife has practically commanded me into the shed to make a proper start - which is never a bad thing.


I have been doing *some* modelling, mainly on the computer, and other people have been turning the pixels into 3D models.


GNR E2 - long slot and semi-circle options, printed by Mike and currently being sorted out by Dave (Chris P Bacon) on the Sandy thread



GNR Railcar - started a long time ago, and again finished by Dave



... and the NER railcar, finished by MickLNER on his thread - warning contains video of it running and looking (dare I say?) cute.



I'll not promise anything, but I have a load of flexitrack, and hopefully there will be updates soon.



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