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Good news for the N gauge modern image fan, the JJA Autoballasters are out from Graham Farish. I've had mines on pre order for a while now and it was worth the wait. They look fantastic and not a bad price for what you are actually getting.


Here are a few (not very good) pics showing a five wagon formation. There is one flat top, one generator and three round top wagons in this train.










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Spotted them in my local shop earlier in the week. Fancy building a 5 car set. Nice with 37 174 providing traction.


I wish that Farish (Bachmann) would do this livery, but with the overpainted Network Rail logos, because this livery represents quite a narrow period of time.

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They are generally still in the Railtrack llivery with many having the Railtrack name painted out. The Network Rail yellow ones are of a slightly different type with different bogies.

I hope to be picking up 5 of these Railtrack ones at the weekend. They will be heavily weathered and will run with my N Gauge society kitbuilt Network Rail ones.

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I have started weathering and patching the new Farish autoballasters. Can't make my mind up whether to add the Network Rail logos which have been recently added on a white background to many of these.


Updated with a better colour balanced photo.


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