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Would a scotrail liveried 47 ever have been seen at Penzance?

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1 minute ago, boxbrownie said:

I assume that is a Railroad edition, I cannot see obvious wording to that on the site though.


Yes, its the Lima body though, which wasnt that bad. 

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4 minutes ago, JohnR said:


Yes, its the Lima body though, which wasnt that bad. 

Does it have the centre mounted motor or bogie mounted motor?


OK looking at the picture again it appears it does have the single bogie mounted motor drive.

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1 hour ago, JohnR said:

Can anyone tell me if 47 712 Lady Di moved south and appeared on the West of England line? I recall several such 47s on the line after 1988/9, but didn't take note of numbers,


Hornby's new release of this loco with sound has made me ask the question...

I remember seeing 47712 in full ScotRail livery heading south through Darlington on a rake of InterCity MK2 aircon stock somewhere between 1989 and 1991. Whether this was it's transfer south, I don't know.


It definitely operated Waterloo-Exeter services after repainting into the then new Parcels red/grey livery, with NSE flashes.

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