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I built this transparent test truck as an aid to building my own 2mm track as being able to see what is happening at the rail to wheel interface is incredibly helpful for finding those annoying tight spots and other such problems associated with poor running.

Its an idea that could be rescaled to any gauge and would even be helpful to people using rtr track


I made this a 6 wheel truck purposely to test my track for not only shunters but also for co-co locos eg: 31,37,47,50 etc.

should any manufacture take my idea on board I think it would be an excellent idea to make the plastic optical in such a way that it magnifys the wheel/railhead for easier viewing.



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A short video showing the merits of my Transparent Test Truck,

You'll notice the shunter is more footsure than the truck but the truck tends run more smoothly with the weight of Gods hand pushing it through the track work, still the video gets the point over

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