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My detailing/repainting projects

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I thought it was about time I started a thread here, I have a layout thread, but I have been getting into detailing and repainting my locos more and more. This is my latest project.


After a lot of photo searching, and trying to decide on the right variant.






So far, I have started by rebuilding the nose ends. This started life as 035 in Dutch. The large Square headlight has been removed, new flush bonnet doors fitted,as well as new handrails, and lamp irons. The nose ends are now ready for re priming.

I am tempted to try fitting the Extreme window etches, but feel it might be a bit much to do.






If anyones interested, there are more loco projects across on my layout thread, but as I say, they will now feature in here.

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That's looking very nice Lee.


I'm liking this thread alread and will follow your progress.


Just one point on the 37 before you get any top coat on..... I looked at the shadow cast below the plating you have added compared to the real thing and there's quite a shadow on yours. Not saying it's wrong, but worth a double check before the top coat goes on.





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Looks good Lee, I know what Sean means about the front but they probably stand out more in the photos than reality.


Re the EE window surrounds, it is worth it in my opinion and not as hard as I envisaged, worth follwoing the approach outlined in the recent Rail Express Modeller (i.e, paint the etch, fit the glazing to the etch, then fit to the loco).

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Looking good Lee.


I would very seriously look at cutting your own glazing for the front windows. Very fiddly but makes a hell of a difference. Took the liberty of attaching one of my old pics as a reminder showing cut glazing versus the standard bachy stuff.





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Guest jim s-w

Nice work Lee


I dunno if you want to worry about it but you have missed the spare step on the bodyside, the lower, large ones. The prototype has one, the model has two.





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Congratulations on the wedding Lee, may you both live long and happy lives together.


As long as she never stops you modelling of course!!


The 37 repaint is looking excellent, the Matt coat hides so many sins!! The quality you're achieving is brilliant, and you've set the bar at the height I'm hoping to get to over the next few repaints.



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