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The project started because I wanted a tamper to run on my new layout (P4 model of Pwllheli c.2000-12). I initially thought of using a Kibri model as a base, but it quickly became apparent that with the amount of work needed it would be far simpler (and cheaper) to start from scratch.


The first breakthrough came when i discovered that I could download the instruction sheet for the Kibri DTS from their German website as a .pdf. On the back page of the instruction sheet is scaled line drawing, and this formed a reasonable starting point from which to start working on the 08-16. Further research yielded more line drawings, photos and plans and special thanks must go to Paul Wade and Phil Eames who kindly sent me CDs containing invaluable prototype photos.


From here a CAD model was produced working first in AutoCAD to design the parts in 2D, then exporting each part to Rhino (a surface modeling program) to assemble a 3D model to check the fit and make changes. With everything checking out the 3D parts were then converted back into 2D shapes for laser cutting.



All the parts laid out in AutoCAD



3D model in progress


Fast forward to the end of October and the finished model








If you were at scaleforum this year might have seen the finished model as I had entered it into the Chairman’s cup (picked up a section win). For those who are interested i have been quietly working away on a 'kit' (more correctly an aid to scratch building) but owing to the rules of the challenge nothing further will be done until the judging has finished.


Link to project topic http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/59948-4mm-plasser-theurer-08-16-tamper/



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perhaps you may try a  DTS for next model,  cabs are very similar,  also bogies,  they are used for trip working, hauling cranes etc during daylight hours, the DTS possibly the only loco on the network with a sunroof in the drivers cabs 

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Its almost finally here! I have the first production kit from Jonathan to prove the build instructions. Attached photo shows what you get in your kit (you supply the Black Beetle motor bogie and dummy).




I do not intend to give a blow by blow account of the build as I do not have the time, but I will post updates from time to time in the kit building thread.



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