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Last minute entry from the dreggs of Sasquatches scrap boxes.

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I knocked up this Lancs & Yorks one planker yesterday. The sole bars were lurking in the bottom of the number 2 scrap box which I believe are from an old MAJ sliding door van. Those axle boxes are not correct but are the only ones I could find. Body is from laminated styrene with all rivets punched from the rear using a blunt point. All other bits found in the dregs of the number 1 scrap box!


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All the chores are done for the day and it`s only 4pm (Pacific time!!!!!!!) so I`m tempted to paint it with acrylics, letter it and weather it before the new year arrives


Here`s another shot. I like scratch built wagons as the imperfections create an in service look which you don`t get with RTR stock. This one has slightly bowed sides due to the lamination of two 20 thou strips of siding (wood planking), of which a 21 foot plank might have warp in it after say 15 years service.


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