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How realistic are your models? Photo challenge.


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"33019 crawls into Paxton Road to run round some seacows for a weekend occupation of the line south of Winchester - these will be stabled here until Sunday.

The un-identified Mainline 09 in the back ground has tripped the MOD vans up from Eastleigh, dropped off from the feeder from the hub at Didcot. I heard it was 09007 which had been seen in the area earlier in the week but couldn't get a clear shot from the boundary fence."


Taken on a Panasonic Lumix - under one filament, one energy saver - with no Photoshop trickery. Backscene is currently just white paper but will be painted one of these days!


I've not had chance to take any more recent photos I'm afraid - more soon enough - workbench projects queuing up first though!

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Hi Guys,

Some cracking shots especially the ones with the deasles and sky background.


Don't know if this shot looks realistic, i guess its a combination of good modelling and photography together to qualify as realistic, certainly my photography is not that good its basic at best.

Much Wenlock 4mm.

a photo of a photo hence the curl.


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