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How realistic are your models? Photo challenge.

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Making sure that his toys are played with properly!


attachicon.gifCK looming 2.jpg

The weathering on that hair is superb, so realistic ! :)

Just missing a sausage behind the ear though.........

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Two Leeds City Transport 'Pivotal' cars at the Grime Street terminus, dusk 19th April 1952.


Both cars are constructed from 3d prints.

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                                                                               Shunting Hintock Town Quay.

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William, in my next set of shots, eventually on my Hintock thread, I'll try and work in a NE wagon-and have a full house.


Thanks for your interest as I do the others who have shown it also.

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It's been a long while since I joined in with this thread, but I've had a pleasant fifteen minutes looking back some way through it. Though I haven't got the time or inclination to look through the whole hundred and odd pages I think that I've seen enough to work out which photos really hit the spot (for me) and what they have in common.


The first factor seems to be choosing a viewpoint for the model that you might choose for the real thing. Some of those model photos here with the wow factor exhibit telephoto foreshortening in the way that many photos of the real thing do.


The second would be to use copious quantities of light, either daylight or lots of artificial light, to give more contrast than the average model photo has.


Strangely the excellence of the model making, once it gets beyond clean and tidy, doesn't seem to make as much impact as the above.


In poor lighting conditions black and white photography seems to be a good deal less satisfactory than colour. I have an idea that with only black, white and the shades between a pretty contrasty image is required to infuse life into the composition.


In future I'll be trying to bring some of these theories to bear in my own attempts at photographing my work.

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