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How realistic are your models? Photo challenge.


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I think one of the most challenging liveries to make look 'real' in model form is the Southern's Malachite - anyone have any particularly stunning examples?


I'm just putting this here as a work in progress as it's far from stunning, but this is my Schools in Malachite, which I've been working on

over the summer. It's the Airfix kit on a Craftsman chassis, with the Malachite brush painted and lining done using LNER transfers

and black ink.




The twist in the tail is that a few days after taking this shot I managed to drop the model from 5 feet onto a hard wooden floor, leading to

almost total destruction of the cab. It's now being rebuilt!

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Afternoon All Thanks indeed for your kind comments. I wish I could do lineside scenery and buildings as good as some of you guys.Any tips? Meanwhile here are a few more of my fav's.StevePICT0313-1.jpgPICT0273.jpgPICT0904.jpgPICT0895.jpgPICT0894.jpg7297-4.jpg

Hi Steve


Very nice models indeed.


An easy way to photograph your wonderful models if you do not have a layout is build a photo plank.


I have a tread on this in the Layout Topics section you can build one as small or a big as you want then either as I do photoshop in a scenic background or just put some blue card behind.


I have just recently put on this thread a few photos taken on the photo plank I built.


I thoroughly enjoyed building it as well, hope this is of help to you.





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Arbroath as a seaside town has a large population of seagulls.........


On the Station Bar in Keptie Street,




And on the flats in Dishlandtown Street.




Probably should be more guano, but there's just been a heavy shower of rain, so a lot of it has guone.

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