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How realistic are your models? Photo challenge.


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On 21/03/2021 at 21:13, Gravy Train said:



30 minutes ago, F-UnitMad said:

That's a fair old pile of dog mess that bloke has stood in!!! :jester:


That's what you call super detailing.

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12 hours ago, Pylon King said:

Just completed extra detailing on this 1:76 scale L6 pylon which is now incorporating new telecommunications antennas and National Grid maintenance team.263AC0A6-7069-429E-A361-FB818DBDCA69.jpeg.34a51af4199f4497b6a1f3c65d202995.jpegGri

That's just excellent work!


CTMK also thinks that the image would make an excellent jigsaw!


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12 hours ago, Captain Kernow said:




9 hours ago, Re6/6 said:


Waiting for something to appear from the gloom of Tidenham Tunnel.


Quite apart from being some rather good pictures, nice to see some different angles appearing.



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