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How realistic are your models? Photo challenge.

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I love the Jinty photo, Harry, got a really good 'sunshine and shade' feel to it, in a large urban station perhaps?

It was taken in late afternoon, with the sun shining through the window and the jinty was there from the last running session already! I do see the urban point and even though its a modest country station, it could be easily part of an urban complex. 

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Two of the children are normal Hornbg figures, the one in the middle is a recolour, the two dogs are made from copper and modelling medium, so scratch built.

The vehicles are all unweathered purchases........


A sunny day on Arboretum Valley down by the seaside.


For anyone wishing to see how the dogs were made, pictures run over two pages.


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Why not weather the green one as though she is going in for re-paint from green to blue?



Have been working from a photo, the Wigan allocated green ones were in pretty good condition. The bodytop line seems to wear out though. Bit more finishing to do and must find windsreens as they both broke whilst removing them.

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PaternosterRow I consider your images to be tantamount to pornography, and are just showing off- can we have some more? Please?!! :yes:

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