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Cancelled Farish Mk1 generator van (Network Rail Yellow)

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I received an e-mail this evening from Hattons informing me that 374-040 Mk1 generator van in Networlk Rail Yellow (blue riband) has been cancelled from production and is now not likely to be produced. However the photo's on the website show a built and boxed model, was it released and i missed it?












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Hi Allscales,


This was the one i was talking about, seems it came out and i missed it.




Hi Graham,


I've just checked mine and it's the same... I have all three of the network rail Mk. 1's and noticed that it's the only one that is Blue Riband. Odd, never noticed that before! It came out in the middle of the year I believe, I think I got mine around then but last year is a bit patchy and may induce an IT version of PTSD in me...


Have you tried "Plus Daughters" or just worked through a list of known N suppliers? Some may still have one... A model shop that advertises only in the little ads at the back of the magazines may be more fruitful than the big names.


Good luck!





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