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Hornby's cost cutting logic ?

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Hi guys,


Iv'e just been reading in last months Modelrail magazine about Hornby's new philosophy with regard to the pricing of some future locomotive builds.

They are it seems going ahead with a cost cutting exercise in order to make some locomotives " more affordable".

This includes leaving off / or moulding such items as external pipework,moulding buffers as appose to sprung versions, cab detail differences,and using 3 pole motors instead of 5 pole examples.

This they claim will reduce a locomotive costing by approx' £25.


This is in response to customer concerns about rising prices


What is the forums view of this.?


My personal view,and it is my view alone, is that i would rather pay more for a superbly detailed locomotive, than pay £25 less for an unprototypical one.

That said, this great hobby of ours, is getting very expensive indeed.

I have recently ordered,and then thought better of and cancelled, Bachmann / Modelrail's new acquisition of DB Schenker's Class 66 062 in Euro Cargo Livery due in the summer.

It is £122 + the price of your choice of DCC chip if you have DCC of course

This totals then an approximate price of £135


The increase in price Modelrail claim,is a payment that has had to be made to DBS for the privelige of using the branding + modifications to the front lower cowcatcher plates


I took a deep breath,when Hornby priced their Class 60, and 67 at over £100, but these loco's are of exceptional quality and detail and well worth it.


But £135 for a Bachmann Class 66 is ridiculous in my opinion


I ordered it in haste, as i have a modern image layout,on which the above Class 66 would look great, but i now think that that amount is far too much.


How many people nowdays can just go out and buy a model railway locomotive for such a vast sum of money?

At the time of ordering, i was told that they had had little interest in this locomotive, but it was early days.


So, is it better to have all the detailing and quality that we are now used to and pay that bit more, or are we ok with the quality and appearance of our locomotives reducing,having reduced our purchase to a tune of£25 off the price off our loco choice?

Are we generally happy with our Railroad purchase for a reasonable costing,even though to me i wouldn't purchase one

I am by no means a rivet counter, but i do like things to look prototypical,and i don' think the Railroad range gives me what i want to see


Your valued opinions with regard to this announcement ??

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