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Are there any model clubs in Northern Ireland?

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Some clubs that I am aware of that may be of interest are :- North Down Model Railway Society based in Bangor,1st Bangor Model Railway Club also based in Bangor,surprisingly! and the Ulster Model Railway Club based in Belfast.All 3 of the above clubs have their own websites which would give you more information on them.There is also the Erne Model Railway Club based in Enniskillen but dont know much about them.


North Down Model Railway Society will be holding their annual exhibition on Sat and Sun 20/21/4/13 at Bangor leisure centre,this is reckoned to be one of the best shows in Ireland.


A bit closer to home for you and happening this weekend,Sat 23/3/13 is a  railfest being held in Castlerock in the Peter Thompson hall.Killagan from this forum will be on display along with North Down MRS Ballyclare layout and a couple of N gauge layouts from 1st Bangor.

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Hugh has gone a great job, but just in case any of you are wondering, some sections (for example, the "modelling" section) are far from being completed and still need a good bit of work done, so be patient!. WE hope to add more material as we have time. But I hope everyone will enjoy it.


Colm F

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